Hello everyone!
Deal with it is a raiding guild on Cairne which is recruiting a tank ~ preferably Paladin or warrior ~ and a healer ~ preferably a Monk or a resto druid~ for our main core.
We are currently 6/6MSV and 2/6 HoF and we are raiding Sun and Mon from 6:30pm server time to 10:30pm.
We are expecting people who join our main to
1. Know their class really well
2. Play their OS as well as their main spec and be geared for their OS as well
3. Be polite to everyone in raid and in guild
4. Be on time for raiding
5. Has to participate in 100% of the raids ( But of course real life issues will be considered)

You can contact Mulum or Blurd or Cretinism in the game for further questions.
Or you can contact via RealID : Ramin.kh.lp@gmail.com