Hello Cenarion Circle,

On behalf the members of The Other Side guild, I would like to say “Hello” and announce that we are actively seeking to add people to raid with us on Sundays mornings at 8 am pacific / server time! In particular a mage or lock would be great, although all classes would be welcome. ;)

Our guild is comprised of like minded players who are looking to enjoy the game in a relaxed and social environment. The core of the group is made of long time daily players and weekly raiders who understand that real life comes first. All levels of experience are welcome. We are currently a level 25 guild and play on Alliance side.

We are looking to add more people and make more friends! If interested in joining, please visit our webpage at


or whisper Anjou or Stanya for an invite! Thank you, we're looking forward to meeting you!
Edited by Anjou on 11/25/2012 10:42 AM PST