10m -> 25m Conversion Resources?

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I am the GM of a relaxed-progression 10m Raiding Guild. At our height of Dragon Soul, we operated 3x 10 man raiding teams.

However, with the drop of players since then, and with Mists, we are shifting to a 25 man comp to be more resilient to the effects of pugs that are necessary with our relaxed atmosphere.

My question is: Do you all have any resources that explain the basics of 25 man raiding, the primary differences? I know there is stuff like more battle rezzes available, and all that.

Any resources would be handy and much appreciated.
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Are you looking for information on the aspects of the fight mechanics themselves, or the people aspect of 25 man raiding, or both, or other?
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In terms of simple mechanics:
- three battle rezzes available
- fewer tanks required overall (most fights require 2, some require 1 or 3)
- possibly fewer healers required

So if you were moving from 3 10m teams, you would potentially have four tanks who need to develop DPS specs, and 2 healers who would need to do the same depending on whether your teams were running 2 or 3 healers.

There are some other nuances (positioning w/r/t raid buffs) but those are the big ones I would see for a group in your situation.
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My apologies for the late return to this. Graduate school has had my last week by the balls.

Thank you for the basics.

What type of raid comp is generally used in 25m?

In 10m, the "standard" structure is simple: 2 tank, 3 heal, 2 mdps, 3 rdps. Of course, shifting some of those melee to range for some fights is always good, and for specific fights it changes, but in general, that's the standard roster build.

For the 25m, we are currently at 2 tank, 7 heal, 6 melee, 10 ranged. Is this about that "standard" structure?

But yes, for the most part I am looking for socialization tools into 25m raiding so I don't get my guild in there, trip over stupid stuff and then fall back to 10m.

In addition to these things, I have resources I have used for 10m, but unsure if there are other sites that do a better job of 25m strategies and differences. If so, I'd like to know what the best sites are for those strategies.
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