MM and how to fix it

90 Goblin Warlock
I have just recently started to pick my hunter back up (after a nerf, I know right!). MM does the majority of its damage as physical except serpent sting and chimera which both hit like wet noodles. From what i understand MM ranks the lowest in dps for specs for hunters and ranks darn near the bottom for overall dps of all classes and specs. Then I started to do some research on other classes that deal primarily physical damage. All other classes/specs that deal with physical damage have something to make up for the damage being effected by armor.

Warrior-Colossal smash
Rogue(sub)- find weakness, poisons, shadow blades, expose armor
feral- bleeds, bleeds and more bleeds
DK(frost)- magic damage via diseases, frost strike, and howling blast.
Monk (windwalker)- Tiger palm
Pally (ret)- mastery, judgements, etc..
Shaman (enhance)- mastery and spells.

Then I compared all of these to MM which is 99% physical damage. I haven't truly played my hunter since wrath (armor pen). I think one active or passive ability needs to be added to make this a viable spec for both pvp and pve. This is my idea.

Carefully aimed shots/passive. MM only
You are extremely accurate at the use of ranged weapons, so accurate that you can find weaknesses in the most heavily of armored targets. All physical damage ignores 70% of targets armor. half against players.


Carefully aimed shots/ passive. MM only
Every use of chimera shot or Aimed shot puts a debuff on the target. All physical attacks from the hunter against the target ignore 70% armor, half against players. lasts 6 seconds.

Let me know what you all think. The abilities will obviously need some tweaking and balancing but I think it is a step in the right direction.
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90 Human Hunter
I could see something like that since MM is mostly physical damage.

They did lose the Arp they benefited from after wrath, I think the mastery should of been Arp instead of Wild Quivers. Would make the spec beter.
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