What am I doing wrong?

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Ok, so I'm sure a lot of people are going to call me a n00b, and some may call me a troll, but I honestly have no idea what I"m doing wrong. Affliction locks are supposed to be great for PvE right now, and I can't seem to get off the bottom of the charts for DPS (according to the add-on Recount).

I'm sure you can click on my picture and see my current glyphs/talents/equipment to get an idea where I stand there.

My equipment is not great by any means since we just really started raiding. I've gem stoned up everything but my newest raid find (Which I will) and have even tried some of the re-forgings since so many sources promote master for us 'locks.

My rotation is:

Curse of the Elements, Haunt, Soul Shard + Soul Swap (applying all DoTs), Malefic Grasp until I can haunt again. If it is a boss I usually rinse and repeat this process for quite some time, but if there are multiple targets I will use Soul Swap to get my DoTs off before they expire and dump them on the other target. I use Soul Drain instead of Malefic Grasp if target is at less than 20% and will often use it to finish off trash mobs to get my shards back. I also have some engineering buffs I use to increase my stats temporarily as well as summon my demon on bosses whenever it is off cooldown.

I know I sometimes forget to cast my self-buffs, but I don't think that is what is causing me to be at the BOTTOM of the DPS charts every time. Please give me advice! I'm not new to MMOs, but I've only had 9 months with WoW so this is my first time really doing raids "at-level". I wouldn't consider myself a stupid person or a bad player but at the last raid I did someone commented on my performance it was down right embarrassing. :-P

Thanks for the help!
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Beter post the same thread in here:

Warlock Forums :)
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