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Due to work, I am moving to Singapore soon and thus, looking for a oceanic guild to raid on my Dk. I have raided more or less every tier on my dk starting ulduar. I was in top 100 ranking a couple of times in DS too. I also have silver meta on my dk for challenge modes etc.. so i know my class =). I am MS frost and OS blood (in case on tanks goes MIA once in a while).

Currently struggling to find any decent guild here on my server being an extremely causal rp-pve server. I am looking for a semi casual raiding grp that raids 2-3 times a week (preferably on weekends) , where ppl come prepared etc. I love small tight knit grps so i strongly prefer 10 mans.. but i am open to 25s at the moment.
hers's my dk's armory:

looking for singapore 8-11 pm timings (ie 10pm ST) on weekdays/weekends and/or afternoon timings for weekends.

I was on nagrand about 3 years back b4 i moved to US... don't remember the name but it was mainly Sg/My guild with players like vevay, liquide etc. so if any of u are still playing hit me up!

edit: I see a lot of old friends in pick up group.. hi!
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Hey how's it going, my guild, Fragmenta, is rebuilding after taking a break since late in Cata. We're looking for exceptional players to fill our new core team.

I'll put some basic information in this post and I'll also refer you to our forum thread if you're interested to find out more.

We're a semi-hardcore (or semi-casual as you said-- depends if you think the glass if half full or half empty) 10-man raiding guild that puts attendance and respect as a top priority. Some basic requirements to apply for our guild are:
  • Outstanding experience in current or previous Tiers.
  • Friendly.
  • Able to act mature in 'and' out of guild events in order to keep a positive name for the guild.
  • Able to maintain a BARE MINIMUM of 90% attendance, and willing to inform an Officer if you cannot be available via in-game chat or the guild forums.
  • Knowledgeable of your class and rotation.
  • Fully gemmed and enchanted, along with professions to benefit your class.
  • Non-elitist.
  • ___________________________________________________________________________

    Our raid times are as follows:
    Wed - 8:00pm-11:00pm GMT+10 (Nagrand ST)
    Sun - 8:00pm-11:00pm GMT+10 (Nagrand ST)
    Mon - 8:30pm-11:00pm GMT+10 (Nagrand ST)

    Our forum post can be found here if you'd like to find out more:

    Looking forward to hearing back from you. If this is not the guild for you, then best of luck finding a new raiding home.


    - Sinnoh
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    Thank you for your post. I believe that would work out to be 6 pm Singapore time correct? If so, thats going to be impossible as i get off work at 6+.
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    12/02/2012 08:43 PMPosted by Druidminion
    Thank you for your post. I believe that would work out to be 6 pm Singapore time correct? If so, thats going to be impossible as i get off work at 6+.

    Ahh I see, I didn't see any specific times that you were looking for- and it would work out to be 5pm as we're currently on daylight savings haha, but best of luck finding a guild that suits you and enjoy your future raiding!
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    thanks and good look filling your roster too! stupid DST gets confusing everytime for me even after 3 years here -_-.
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    just wanna say welcome from a singaporean :>
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    Infusion @ Aman'thul is currently recruiting for our Group 2 and we are looking for another dpser.

    We are a group of friends who have united together to have some fun, to enjoy endgame content and raid together. We value skilled players, and most importantly, the individuals they are as a person.

    We are all working professionals with our respective RL commitments, and we understand the need to take time off for RL > WOW. We do not enforce everyone to make it for all 3 days, and rotation is necessary for every player.

    Although we focus on raiding as our main common activity, we do run instances, old content, level alts and laze around together.

    The current guild progression is 5/6 HMSV 3/6 HHOF 4/4 TOES. Our group 2 is currently 6/6 MSV 3/6 HOF, as this group have started only 1 month ago.

    Group 2 raids Wednesdays 2230 GMT+10, Thursdays 2200 GMT+10 and Sundays 2130 GMT+10.

    The loot system here is EPGP.

    Please check us on if you are interested, or look for Bloodsteel/Lyaera during evenings.
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    Hi Druidminion,

    John Three Sixteen is an Alliance guild based in Nagrand and we are currently looking for an experienced and reliable dps dk to join our 13 man roster.

    We are a small, close-knit guild who have been raiding for the past 3 years. The majority of our members are working adults who all share a passion for progression raiding whilst at the same time maintaining a balanced schedule for real life commitments.

    J316s' key focus in the game is to have fun together as a guild, with our preference being to raid together as a team. While we may not steamroll our way through new raids as quickly as the top guilds, we do enjoy moderate success during progression.

    We're currently 6/6N Mogu'shan Vaults, 6/6 HoF & 1/4 ToES.
    We've also proudly achieved 6/7HM during Firelands, and 6/8HM in Dragon Soul.

    Our Raiding Schedule:
    J316 raids in the +0800 GMT Singapore/Perth time zone. In order to cater to our members' work and family schedules, we raid slightly later than the rest of our server.

    Our current raid schedule is as follows:
    Wednesday - 9.30pm to 12 midnight
    Friday - 9.30pm to 12 midnight
    Monday - 9.30pm to 11.30pm

    We welcome everyone who shares our focus and interests, and is able to commit to our raid timings to join our small gaming community.

    For more information, feel free to contact one of our officers: Blitzenette, Kyuna, Splitzer, Jenaellyn or Deathflap.

    Alternatively, you can visit our website directly and submit an application at:
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