[A]<Wolfpack> 11/16 Recruiting DPS and Tanks

90 Pandaren Monk
Recruitment information
Wolfpack's goal is Progression orientated raiding, while keeping a friendly atmosphere for Mists of Pandaria.

Our core raid nights will be Wednesday and Thursday from 7:10pm - 11:00pm EST.
We also will have a 'cleanup' raid night on Sunday, this raid is malleable and will not always take place.
We are currently solidify our 10man roster, with outstanding players. This is where you may come in.

Our current progression is 6/6 MSV and 5/6 HoF. We have not had a nights worth of attempts on Empress, nor have we stepped foot into ToS as of yet. This low progression in is part due to multiple raiders having RL responsibilities pop up these past two weeks so have had to leave us.

Why you should join us?

- Wolfpack is very social outside of our raiding environment (We are social inside of it too, don't be scared). We have active PvPers, handful's of those achievement !@#$%s and even the stray pet master. We do not just log on to raid, we log on to enjoy the game together and have a grand time. You will often find us running old content, doing battlegrounds or even just messing around on Skype / Ventrillo while farming mats or doing our dailies.

- Wolfpack has been around since the early days of WoW. We have players in the guild who have raided the hardcore 4+ nights a week. That isn't for us any longer. This does not mean that we are not looking to progress, it means we are going to pride ourselves by keeping up with the rest while raiding less.

- We prefer not to over recruit and have upwards of 10 people on standby for each raid night. If you perform well, you will always have your raid spot waiting for you (log on time). We are firm believers that if you perform well for us, you should be rewarded by not being forced on standby for the tier or even every other week.

What we expect from you?

- We expect you to have a good understanding of the game and to show that understanding when you play your chosen class.

- We expect you to have an upstanding attitude. We raid, and with raiding comes progression. With progression comes wipes, please have a good attitude and be able to laugh while doing it.

- Commitment. With us choosing to raid two core nights a week, we do not have much spare times in the raid to pure goof around. This goes hand in hand with us having only two main raid nights a week. So while we do understand that personal things will come up and you will not always be available to raid with us every scheduled night, we ask that you try to maintain a steady attendance level with us.

What are we recruiting right now?

We are always open to the right kind of person however right now emphasis is on:

- 1 Tank ; Paladin or DK perfered.
- 1 Healer; Priest / Paladin perfered.
- 1-2 Melee; Any

Please get in touch with Myself or Lolumadtoo in game for more information.
Or you can visit our forums at http://mwp.enjin.com/recruitment
RealID: sgdarby@gmail.com
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90 Pandaren Monk
We are still searching for capable players.

If you are a Caster DPS or Tank, and feel knowledgeable in your class, then you are exactly what we are looking for.
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90 Pandaren Monk
Edited what we are currently searching for, bump this to the top.
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90 Human Death Knight
They have a girl in the roster too. True story.
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Two of them!
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90 Draenei Mage
Free bump for awesomeness!

Tell mark Euporea says hi :>
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