Level 19 Twink Premade/10 man wargame group

19 Draenei Priest
*Must have heirloom wep, and shoulders, chest piece is nice as well*

I'm looking for anyone interested in joining my 19 twink guild. Steadily, we're gaining more and more members and should be out challenging other top twink guilds cross realm in 10v10 games, or arena wargames. I'm offering 2,000g per player for any heirlooms you need bought or BiS twink enchants. 7 slots in out 10 man wargame team are taken, so please claim a spot while you can. As of now our team includes 1 druid, 1 warlock, 1 rogue, 1 priest, 1 paladin, a shaman, and a Brewmaster Monk. As of now I would highly appreciate another druid (resto spec), another *level 15* warlock, and a Holy Paladin.

However, I would love to grow in numbers and all are welcome with their twinks regardless of class. Hopefully, if we reach 20 active members we can do guild 10 man WSG's not only for entertainment but for practice. It takes very little time to set up a new twink from 1-19. A rogue who joined leveled his toon and geared him in no more than 4 hours. 19 xp locked ques do in fact pop, ques vary from 5-20 minutes. Our guild so far has run successful premades, and our group looks promising.

A little info about the bracket: At the moment , things are pretty well balanced. Much more so than the very broken 90 bracket. No class can kill you in one global cooldown and every class brings something interesting into a group. Healers are a bit of trouble, but that should be expected, 1v1 against a healer, a DPS shouldn't kill them with ease. However, with the right amount of teamwork healers are easy to down.

In the future, I also plan to host a realm wide 3v3/5v5 wargame tournament; with the reward being any of the 4 minor panther mounts.

This is definitely an experience worth trying, and a nice thing to do while you're not out raiding and have free time

Try the bracket out, what do you have to lose :)

Feel free to contact me in game, or ask any questions below.
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90 Human Priest
Hi! I've tried to catch you a few times online, but seem to keep missing you. A friend and I are interested in joining up with you guys, we are both long time players, and remember twinking before BOA. :)

Are you still looking for any specific classes/specs or just come one come all?

Will try and catch you online, feel free to contact me as well.
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19 Draenei Priest
At the moment, I would really love a skilled warrior, or a level 15 haste stacking rogue/druid for some testing with secondarys as it seemed to be successful with our guilds 19 lock. However, with most classes being dependant on BoA's to maximize their potential, I would advise you make a class that you have the most heirlooms with.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
whats your battletag?
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7 Troll Priest
hey this thread still active??? i just recently got back into wow and little confused but guess i am looking for premades for lvl 19 twinks i have 4 hierlooms on my toon and still a work in progress ... is this still active?? but im interested in joining this premade twinks if its still available?
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