Why don't people like to use vent/mumble now?

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Not to get too technical, but you could be dealing with introverts (people that prefer quiet environments) over extroverts (people that always want to talk). Shannae said it perfectly:

We have a couple of people in our guild that really cannot stand the idea of vent going silent for more than two seconds. They will actually ask "what's wrong?" that people aren't constantly talking. (as an aside, these same people are the ones who have to be called down often for too much "idle-chatter" during raid)

Personally, I like being on vent with people who don't find a need to be in conversation constantly. But the constant-talkers sometimes cause me to want to turn vent off, especially if I'm questing because it can be a bit distracting.

I prefer the quiet. I will get on vent for raids, dungeons, or BG runs, but not just because. Even then, I don't say anything unless I have something to say that takes too long to type.
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how is wrathbrow not an MVP yet
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12/07/2012 01:36 PMPosted by Ranzou
how is wrathbrow not an MVP yet

He posts his good advice in this forum? ;)
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It's less of an issue with Mumble, but with Ventrillo there is a significant (1/2 second ~ second) delay depending on the server and how many people are using it. Many times the people cutting you off are unaware that you were speaking.

In larger guilds, it can be hard to get a word in - but I consider that a good sign... active players isn't exactly the worst thing you could have happen. That's where you can use both gchat and voice chat simultaneously - for example, if people are typing their questions into gchat, and the raid leader is saying their response - the voice channel lets them get information out faster when they might have a dozen questions coming in via text.

I see what you're saying. For raid and guild leaders it's a different situation. Like you said, vent and mumble are invaluable for them to use; However, I was referring to just everyday casual conversation.
For instance, my alt is in a guild that has a gm that is pretty much pressuring everyone to use his vent for small talk. His reasoning is that got someone else to pay for it, and doesn't want their money wasted. I don't like getting on just for the sake of chit-chatting because of the reasons I listed before.

Hope that clears up any confusion I might have made. ^^;
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12/07/2012 01:51 PMPosted by Subrosian
how is wrathbrow not an MVP yet

Moving the MVP program outside of the technical support forums was one of the most misguided decisions Blizzard ever made. If they chose to expand the program to Raid and Guild Leadership - it wouldn't be Wrathbrow or anyone who made sense chosen - I can almost guarantee you they would pick some random, inexperienced player none of us had heard of, who would then go on to do a whole lot of nothing.

I couldn't possibly agree with you more. The MVP program makes sense for the tech support forum, a way for blizz to say "this person isn't our employee but we think they know what they're talking about so you'd be ok listening to them". In any other forum it's nothing but a teacher's pet program that does no good at all.

We all pay the same $ we should all get the same text barring situations such as the tech support forum where blizz acknowledging who can give solid advice about real life issues in order to more quickly help players with tech issues. I do not care if blizz thinks Sallyjopwnzor can give good advice about druid rotations and wtf is even the criteria for a general forum mvp anyway.
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I personally have never liked to use the mic/headset. I would prefer to type any day of the week. If I ever actually do a raid, I will probably cave, but even then, I don't think I would do any form of communication that forced me into another monthly fee.
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Personally, I'm up, I'm down, I'm running back and forth doing laundry, cooking, etc.

I have no issues using vent if/when I raid this xpac. However, for casual conversation, I have no patience for constantly taking my headset on and off - and since hubby works graves, I'm not going to keep him up with my chatter either.

I've actually heard this a lot recently. A large portion of the playerbase is now older - and as a result, are in the position of taking family into consideration when it comes to noise.

If your 2 month old child is sleeping, you're not going to chance waking him/her with a blast of static squeal from vent as someone who just changed their settings pops on.

And I also agree - people are getting more and more comfortable with using text as a primary communication method.

I mean, people used to CALL someone as the first communication attempt - now it ranks below email, texting, and facebook for a lot of folks.

So for some, it's probably just not convenient unless raiding. And for others - it's just not something they feel they need - they get the communication and group feel through text and are happy enough with that.
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Vent was mandatory for my raids since Vanilla. You don't need to talk, just listen to the raid leader/leads. Heck, some people that I knew didn't have mics anyhow. It's more about listening. If I ran a raid in a guild and someone told me they didn't want to get on, I would get someone else.
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