PvP Power - Healers What's Wrong W/ Picture?

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So, I enjoy PvP and I enjoy PvE. I enjoy the game in general. However, since the latest patch there is a serious and unaddressed problem with PvP Power as a PURE HEALER.

Blue states that I lost nothing as a pure healer. That I won't get PvP Power to do damage but my healing is as good as ever.

However, In my current PvP gear - and I logged in it for this purpose - I have 20.5% PvP power as a healer. At the same time when I switch my spec to my off spec Protection and leave my healing PvP gear on - I get 41% PvP Power.

Why is it that damage gets so much more PvP Power than healers? Is there a simple and easy to understand explanation for this? I don't think there is besides the fact that the bads can't kill healers and since they can't solo destroy me on their retadins / locks / Frost DK's etc with all their CC and counters to hard spell casting - the answer was to nerf healers PvP Power?

For all the love I have for this game - this particular issue is game breaking for me. I am seriously looking at other titles where balance is something that is sought after - not something spoken about and then nothing is done. I love to PvP - I love to go into random BG's heal the crap out of my team and cause us to win - I love getting accolades from teammates I play with regularly and complete strangers. Why does it have to be so imbalanced? One good reason this is so, besides people could not kill me one on one.
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Yeah it's super annoying to be a healer in BGs. Not only did we get a pvper power beef we also got the new passive racial to deal with that makes our heals 15% less effective on targets being attacked. I understand healers were way too strong before 5.1 but now it's just no fun being the team punching bag
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Perhaps its to foster more teamwork, instead of the DPS ignoring the bads killing the healer this will get them to protect their healers more.

But I agree with one thing it is no fun being the punching bag.
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