Your best pet name!!

100 Human Warrior
Rapana Whelk = Lawrence Whelk

Have to give props to my bf for that one...
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Feline Familiar - Hexy
Fluxfire Feline - Robocat
Mechanical Yeti - Snowflake
Giraffe Calf - Shorty

That's all I have named so far.
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90 Troll Death Knight
Red Whelpling is Charizard of course. :)
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90 Undead Priest
Stinker = Pepe Le Pew
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100 Blood Elf Warlock
So far ive stolen:

firefly- serenity
Warf Rat - Nimh
Amethyst Spiderling = Charlotte
Grove Viper - Snape
Core hound pup- Sandor
Crimson Whelp- Charizard

In return i give you:

Ford Worg Pup- Stark
Mr. Wiggles- Baconator
Lofty Librim- (( Twilight )) cause how much would it suck losing to THAT?
Flayer Youngling- Scyther
Any Dragonling- Troggdor
Santas Helper ((male one ))- Dobby OR Link
Darkmoon Eye- Sauron
Darkmoon Zepplin- Enterprise OR Levithian
Green Raptor- Yoshi
Baradin Fox Kit- Vulpix
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100 Blood Elf Hunter
I'm going to have to steal the Brandon Lee one too. I named my Dark Phoenix Hatchling Jean. My Venus I named Audry (Audrey is reserved and I couldn't make II as it caps the first letter of each word)
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90 Blood Elf Mage
awh, i am so glad you guys like "Brandon Lee" Its just so fitting to name a Crow Pet that :) Enjoy !
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100 Troll Druid
my cat's name Schrodinger.

Well, it is no longer a great name now...

before 5.1, it would use random cat skin every time I summon it. Now it has fixed skin...
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90 Night Elf Druid
I've only named two.
My Bandicoon is "Socks"
My Stitched Pup is "Stinky", after my real-life dog (not her name, but that's what we call her because that's what she is)
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100 Human Warlock
you can view the names in peoples lists.

feel free to spot mine :3
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90 Human Paladin
Legs: Egs
Eggbert: Leggbert
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90 Blood Elf Mage
Just got my cinder kitten and renamed her, "Sandy" =)
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100 Blood Elf Hunter
12/04/2012 08:27 AMPosted by Trédje
Pandaren Monk - Chuck Norris

Perfect name for what was once considered OP but is now outdated, irrelevant, and easily beatable! :)
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100 Undead Warrior
Magical crawdad- Elbirah
Mini Mindslayer- Biollante
Neather ray fry- Phillip J
Darkmoon Zeppelin- Dirigible
Enchanted broom- Yen Sid
Eye of the Legion- Blind Io
Scourged Whelpling- Misanthropy
Infinite Whelpling- TimeTrapper

I like references to stuff.
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90 Troll Warrior
Crawling Claw: Bro Fisticus
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28 Night Elf Hunter
I named my Jade Crane Chick Ichabod.
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100 Night Elf Rogue
Can check out some of mine as someone above mentioned by checking their Armory page but here's some:

Grunty - Tarsonis
Mini Thor - Mar Sara
When I get the Banling, it'll be called Char.

Since we have Lil Deathwing, I called all the Whelps like-wise - Lil Alex, Lil Nef, Lil Ony, Lil Maly, Lil Yesera(all the full names were reserved boo).

Mini Tyrael - Kosh(from B5)
Dark Pheonix Hatchling - Alah Ni (I flew my BE to SW to avoid the CRZ so ask a guildie what he saw when I spoke BE-ese and now have forgotten what it is)
Pheonix Hatchling - Belore(which according to Lement of the Highborn is sun)
A number of pets are named after guildies.
Bombay Cat - Penelope(name of the black cat Pepe Le Pew chases)
Feline Familiar - Mad Madam Mim(from Sword in the Stone[old Disney cartoon movie])
Creepy Crate - C.O.D but can't have the periods =(

Standard names Serenity and Thing for the Firefly and Crawling Claw...sorry. Though I did call the Tiny Flamefly, Bebop to keep the spaceship thing going and now I'll need another for the Darkmoon Glowfly.

I really need to level these things and name more =(
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100 Dwarf Shaman
My Magical Crawdad is named Lobstrosity.

He spends his days keeping gunslingers on beaches.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Darkmoon Zeppelin - Norman D
Water Waveling - Splashley
Flayer Youngling - Flayla (... you've got me on my knees. Flayla...)
Ruby Sapling - Leaf Ericson
Snake - Barrister (I can't resist a good lawyer joke)
Lost of Lordaeron - Booregard
Black Lamb - Humbug
Clockwork Gnome - Errør Flynn
Darkmoon Tonk - Sherman
Lofty Libram - RTFM
Mouse - Keteer
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100 Blood Elf Rogue
My favored team:

Rumble - Personal World Destroyer
Ravage - Feline Familiar
Laserbeak - Dark Phoenix Hatchling

There's theme naming at play there that I hope you all can pick up on.

Rumble, Ravage, Laserbeak! EJECT!
Edited by Vespero on 12/6/2012 5:13 PM PST
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