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90 Human Death Knight
Well since forums are pretty dead here, seeing as I'm not allowed to do what I usually do(>.>), I figured I'd make a topic thread that I know quite a few members of our realm would be interested in, as well as discussing.

You'll see many posts about it if you're a savvy forum checker/addict, as I can be when there's nothing else to do, but to those that aren't, there's the possibility in 5.2, if not a sure fire thing in a later patch, that weapon restrictions will be lifted for Transmog.

Now this may not seem like a big deal to people that think "eh, it's just gear, it all looks the same", but there are those of us on the realm that take pride in the visual appearance of our toons, we go outside the boundaries of what would've once been impossible by mixing up pieces of gear that would've never been put together before to make great looking sets.

However, anyone that does this, knows quite well that the truly amazing looking sets, are not only near-impossible to get a fitting weapon to match, but that the transmog won't happen if you don't have that weapon type, or will have to be changed if your weapon type is changed with an upgrade.

To be clear on the restrictions that will eventually be lifted, there's been a block on being able to transmog main-hands to one-hands, and the other way around, that will be gone, and if I read the blue post correctly, we may even be able to turn our weapons into other types so long as they fit a criteria of same form(1h, 2h, mh, etc.), like turning a 2h sword into a 2h axe. Well I've hit my limit on the OP, but that's all I can think of to say, so keep your hopes up for this, and start hunting down those weapons you've wanted for so long!
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90 Human Death Knight
Forum be deadz yo, man I'm near-tempted to hold a conversation with myself.. which I may actually find amusing o.O
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83 Undead Mage
I'm actually excited about the changes to the transmog rules. I just hope that polearms can be transmog'd to other 2handers such as axes and swords...
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90 Human Death Knight
I believe that'll be part of it depending on who's doing the transmogging, it may still follow guidelines like say how a druid can't use a 2h axe, so they can't transmog a polearm to an axe, etc.

None the less though the freedom with weapon choices will be immense, so it's all good either way.
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90 Undead Priest
I'm rather looking forward to it on my Warrior, he has full WarT7.5 and Armageddon however his weapon is a 2h mace. As far as this toon goes... most 1handers blend in to shadow form and my lack of available weapon types for 2h weaps nullifies the purpose of the change xP (On this toon anyway...)
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90 Troll Shaman
I actually find transmog quite fascinating as a gold-making opportunity and followed a few folks blogs who made 1mil+ off it with some great interest. However, Grizzly Hills isn't quite the realm to implement these strategies (having a hard enough time selling battle pets, sheesh) so I don't really dabble in it much myself. This is quite the change though, curious to see some of the routes folks go!
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100 Undead Warlock
I would absolutely love to be able to use a sword or axe on a mace, my DK and Warrior both have quite the collection of awesome weapons but I really don't care for mace mogs so it would be great. Plus the MoP staves are ugly imo. Would love to be able to mog my main hand into a staff until Jin'ya drops, if it ever does lol. Even after that I would prefer a couple old school staves over it. Unless of course they ever allow Thunderfury to be mogged :)
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90 Human Paladin
now only if hatestrike was a two hander my DK would have it made. Cant have everything but the changes are nice. Oh, and nice outfit diavolo!
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