Guild Name: Nebula

Server: Burning Blade (A high-medium population PvP server)

We're transitioning from a 10-man raiding guild to a 25-man and we're in need of 4 dps and 1 healer to complete the transition of our weekday raid team.

Raid teams:
SUB Z3RO(25) - Tue/Wed/Thu 7:45-12 Semi-Hadcore (Progress 10/16)
Transcendence(10) - Fri-Sat 7:45-12 Casual (Progress 7/16)

SUB Z3RO - Fury Warr/Ele Sham/Enh Sham/Boomkin/Mage/Warlock/Monk dps and Paladin/Monk healer

Transcendence - Non DK tank, Plate dps and Warlock

Crispyy - GM (Battletag Crispy#1402)
Honga - Co-Raid Leader and Officer
Ripster - Recruitment Officer

New website in progress

What We're Looking For:
We are looking for fun players with a sense of humor and tolerance for different ideas on strategies and progression. Not all nights a new boss will be downed, and it is expected that if you join our guild you're mature enough to accept that. Outside of the raid we're a more relaxed group of friends that talk about anything in WoW or RL, so be capable of handling a mature joke or discussion.

About Us:
After a conflict of views from a guild on the server Misha myself and a few other liked minded raiders had left the server and come back to our home on Burning Blade. We formed during Firelands and while progression was rocky we've been steadily climbing on the charts as a progression oriented guild. From 55th in T12 to 32nd in T13 and currently 20th in T14 we're working to provide the same progress as other Hardcore guilds in a Semi-Hardcore type of environment. We have also gotten all of our raiders the achievement mounts from FL and DS since we started raiding and look forward to getting the achievement mounts from MoP as well.

On a side note we host Old Content Runs weekly for achievements and mounts and auction off Transmog from our runs to raise funds for repairs and to provide half-price flasks and potions for our raiders in our guild bank.