Thursday (11/22) Thanksgiving Day

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Hey look! It's that holiday where we stuff ourselves with turkey, say thanks for what we have, and then push, shove, and occasionally use pepper spray on each other as we attempt to buy $2 waffle irons from Walmart. And they'll tackle each other better than any football team.

No, I'm not this cynical. Just felt like it.

It's Thursday, November 22nd, 2012. And it's Thanksgiving Day!

[IG] Cobalt, Jasper, and Amethyst. I hate that combo for Stone Guards so much. But after wiping for two nights, we finally downed that combo last night and proceeded to almost kill Feng in the last 10 minutes left of our raid. Wiped on him at 17% cause we couldn't get him to phase 3 before he did one last Draw Flame.

[RL] Watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on NBC. Because Al Roker makes it worth it. Also getting ready to go eat Thanksgiving Lunch with my grandmother (she likes having it before she takes her nap at 3-4PM). I'm hoping to see if I can get my father to do a fire in the fireplace tonight due to after finally clearing the area of stuff and trash, and getting the chimney swept and repaired, having a fire in it would be the ultimate victory for me. :D

[IC] Og's still angry after having a... *cough* disagreement with a friend. Feel sorry for anyone that pushes him over the edge...


How are y'all doin' this fine Turkey Day?

And if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving... how is your day going? :D
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Race start was 7:50 am. Alarm was set. At 7:20 I wake up. The phone shut itself at night so no alarm. >_< It takes about 24 minutes at a brisk pace to walk from home to where the race start was. I got there as the first wave was off at 7:50 (what? I had to get dressed at least!) and still had to pick up my bib (the paper with the number) and drop off my canned food donation. Amazingly, I made it in time to start with the last wave for the 10k.

I finished the 10k in 1:26:10 which, given my fastest 5k time of around 41:30 is pretty good. It wasn't so much me going slower than the race start is slow because of the sheer number of people (25,000 total runners).

Then I walked home. I ~SWEAR~ I was walking slower; I was sore and tired. I got home and discovered I still walked it in 24 minutes. Yeesh!

Then I walked the landlord's dog around the block. I am a glutton apparently, but not with respect to food. Grand total walked is somewhere on the order of 10 miles if I include wandering the post-race festival area too. My feet are up and I may not walk again today.

Coolest costume I saw today? One guy was dressed as Indiana Jones and pulling a "round boulder" bigger than him the entire way. (I posted a picture on my Google+ pages - for my Lethie Drake version.)

Time to log in to WOW and drive people batty with alt-hopping, then the rest of my day will be writing.

Have a safe and happy day, Sentinels!
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Neus became a cute panda lady. :o
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