Best raid tank class?


100 Pandaren Warrior
I personally prefer Umbreon. She takes special attacks all day no problem.

PS - Nerf Close Combat

You should post more often.
100 Draenei Shaman
I personally prefer Umbreon. She takes special attacks all day no problem.

PS - Nerf Close Combat

You should post more often.

First time back in about 6 months.

I was going to play the tanking drinking game, but considering I'd have to take a drink for every "silly" post/thread on here I decided against what would most likely be suicide. I decided to take the high road and try and post something silly on the thread I thought was the biggest offender.

P.S - Nice hat
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While RC is more about "raid is taking a lot of dmg for whatever reason, lets give everyone more hp". It doesn't reduce dmg taken .. it increases people's hp so that they don't die for whatever reason. Those are very different things.

Wouldn't it decrease relative damage taken?
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100 Human Mage
11/22/2012 12:28 PMPosted by Invincibull
I haven't tanked in a while and I'd like to know what is the best current class for tanking MoP raid content? I realize that specific battles favor certain classes. I'm looking at the overall picture. Thanks in advance for your replies.

They are all the same in efficacy. They just look different doing it.
100 Dwarf Warrior
Paladin >> Warrior > *.*
90 Night Elf Death Knight
Are people actually posting here? Eugh, dammit. Okay.

Go read the FAQ.
90 Tauren Paladin
So far, I must say that of all my tanks the Paladin is by VERY far the weakest tank and also, with the monk, the hardest one to play. Warrior and DK are a very big joke to play to be extremely efficient, however DK seems (for me) to have a better time holding aggro and DPSing while Warrior simply mitigate like mad.

Also, Paladin heals are pretty bad. Instead of healing everybody, it should be much more self-oriented. If the healers can't keep up with healing the DPS, he must be changed. It isn't the tank job to heal DPS.

The only legit reason to roll paladin tank at the moment is that our spells looks awesome.

No. Stop being bad and stop being wrong.

Our self healing is relatively low because our mitigation is relatively high while being largely passive. ShoR is unbelievably strong and with how often we can have it up our self healing doesn't need to be super strong to compensate.

You've obviously never healed anything of note if you don't understand how having some extra smart heals on the side from the tank can be useful.

Doing 70-90K dps over a fight doesn't make me feel weak. And bursting to 150k as a tank doesn't feel too bad either.

And that's on Heroic Vizier, which isn't a gimmick damage buff fight or anything.
90 Pandaren Monk
I guess its all about your style.
I have a Monk, pally, warriror, druid and a dk. All are tanks.

The monk became my main cause its fun/hard to play and not only in dungeon/raid. I find it also good at questing. You can use all your skill and reduce your dmg taken or just ignore it and go all out dps while taking less dmg.

My Dk was my main in cata. This one isnt that hard to play but it's full of skills so you can adapt to lots of situation. No really need to focus on dmg taken here... just go all out and pop some cd once in a while.

Pally is really easy. You can nearly click 1234567890 and u'll do average :) It is a bit tricky if you wanna be the best but once you get the hang of it, its a bit boring...

Warrior doesnt do much dps and its the same for self healing. Its quick easy to play but it's not the best for questing.... Double spec is NEEDED here :P. Quite a good tank on 1v1 but more then 3 target, its getting harder to hold the aggro.

Druid, well i've quit tanking with him hes now restoration. I think its harder to hold aggro and its no fun at all to play...

I hope this helps people to make up their mind but this is only my P.O.V.
Maybe you'll like your druid.. but who knows :)
100 Night Elf Druid
Where is the druid love?
90 Human Paladin

Have you never looked at the glyph of the battle healer, sends heals to the 3 lowest raid members...


healing done by:
Guard 5656554
Chi Burst 2201032

Healing done on:
Leeflow 3667036 33.7 %
Justice 1968428 18.1 %
Net 1685165 15.5 %
Cmdtfrazao 1110022 10.2 %
Råfael 543427 5.0 %
Dupret 511276 4.7 %
Rethy 462233 4.2 %
Vampiralce 320192 2.9 %
Canino 314746 2.9 %
Razielggcp 306751 2.8 %

Healing done by:
Battle Insight 2573968

Healing done on:
Justice 4431719 63.3 %
Vampiralce 739824 10.6 %
Razielggcp 363494 5.2 %
Canino 296583 4.2 %
Råfael 268727 3.8 %
Leeflow 241552 3.4 %
Cmdtfrazao 201276 2.9 %
Dupret 197476 2.8 %
Net 115594 1.7 %
Xuen 77895 1.1 %
Rethy 71547 1.0 %

amount that healed others:
- monk: 7.222.240
- paladin: 2.573.968

I looked up your Paladin on the Armory. He's gearing for Mastery/Avoidance. That's what's killing his damage. If he geared for Haste, both his healing and his DPS would skyrocket.

Let's use Ta'yak as an example. I go for pure Haste, and on that fight I pull at least 60k sustained DPS and around 30k heals per second thanks to Battle Healer (or more, if the situation calls for it. I've done 53k on Stone Guard before; both healers died. I alone kept six people alive until the kill from 25%) before he transitions into his Frogger phase. I used this fight as an example, because both the other tank and I are just wailing on a single target the whole time without much interruption.

Just because your Paladin isn't gearing for a more healing/damage-capable build that doesn't mean the class as a whole isn't capable of matching or even surpassing your potential output. Battle Healer with Haste is huge. Mix that with significantly faster Holy Power generation for a few more stray Word of Glory's on the raid and you've got a healing machine.
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^ nailed it, on Horridon heroic I'm just under the healers with Battle healer + SoI. If you're 10 man you should be using haste as dps does matter.
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I enjoy tanking on my paladin. But it depends on the fight. Horridon is very broken when it comes to Paladins. Since we can use clemency to void the tank switch (Or if you have more than one paladin with said ability you can break it further with even lower stacks of triple puncture)

When there is a ton of magic damage flying about I would prefer a paladin tank as well. Or a DK for AMZ.

Warriors are good if the fight is purely physical

Druids are awesome when tanks can dodge out of mechanics like the tank switch mechanic for council of elders.

Monks... I hate as tanks. Sorry. =(
100 Human Paladin
You're all deluded. Mage tank FTW.
90 Gnome Warrior
I don't care what tank is the best. I care which is funnest. and lets face it tanking is the funnest role to play unless its a lame tank and spank fight. with that said, warrior tanking rules! Monks are lots of fun, DKs great for self healing. haven't rolled a pally and prob wont a bear lol.
100 Night Elf Death Knight
I have the most fun tanking with my DK.
But i would say the best well rounded tank would be the Pally.
100 Blood Elf Paladin
I don't know which tank is the best class, but I'm the tank with the most class!
90 Night Elf Warrior
Easy. Warriors are best. Because Beards and Heavy Metal.
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