Elemental Shaman LFG *Core raid or Backup*

100 Orc Shaman
Looking for a raiding guild to run with on a weekly basis. I have been really into Mists and want to progress as far as I can but I need a competent guild to do so. I welcome anyone who has a slot open. Ive included a sample questionnaire below for a bit of background on me. Thanks for any and all consideration.

Character Name?

How old are you and are you male or female in Real Life ?
29, male

Class ?

Total time /played on this character ?
29 days
Total time /played at level 90 ?
9 days

Where do you live? Time zone?

Do you Disconnect frequently and or get capped each month ?
I do not disconnect often if ever.

Do you have VENT and a headset with a mic and are able to talk?

** Do you have any trouble following orders on vent?**
I have never had a problem following raid orders over ventrilo.

Previous raiding experience?
All vanilla raids and some bc raids. Account got hacked and quit until late Wrath where I bought a new account which is this current one. I have not raided much since getting back into wow but I am familiar with the procedures of running a raid. I.E. Come prepared, reforged, flasked, pots, know fights, set aside time for the complete raid.

Please link your Armory Profile and please be logged out in your PVE gear.

What is your preferred raiding "Main Spec" and raiding "Off Spec" ?
I prefer Elemental almost exclusively but would be willing to pick up an off spec if required. Enhancement would be a prefered off spec but resto would not be off limits.

Please submit a screenshot of your UI ? (Required - do not post with this blank)

Do you research boss fights in advance ? If so, what source of information do you use?
I use wowhead and fatboss guides to research most fights. I will sometimes use raid finder for practice so I get the feel for how the fights go.

** Do you have the essential skill of awareness to consistently stay "out of fire" or go into it if necessary as well as aptitude for gimmick fights, I.E. Mount, vehicle, or taking control of an Avatar Mechanic?
If I make a mistake it usually only takes that one time to get it out of my system.

What are your Professions?

**Are you able to keep your gear properly gemmed and enchanted with the latest and best material available? Do you have a problem with coming to the raid properly prepared, I.E. Flasks, potions, food, etc.
I look for the best way to maximize my characters performance.

Are you applying for a casual or raider position?
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90 Human Mage
I realize you pretty much filled out an app on here, however Adoration is looking for a trial/rotation dps. If you could apply at: adoration.enjin.com
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