Must... have... achievements!! - ICC & ToC

90 Human Priest
I have put together a bit of a game plan for various runs over the next several weeks and possibly months. I may even do some of these runs more than once a week; still working on a do-able schedule that works for some good core people to join in… going to need a 10 to 25 every week. In some cases these achievements can be done with less than that amount depending on everyone's level. I know that some are working on getting achievements for alts and some are looking to get transmog gear.

So for this week I am going to focus mainly on going to ToC and ICC, 10 to 25man just depending on the amount of turnout there is. The last thing I want to do is to have to turn to the trade channel to pickup extra players to complete these achievements. It seems that when I have to do this; this is where I encounter the most problems. People not in Vent, say they understand the achievement but really don't, treat other like crap and they make the raid experience downright terrible for everyone. This is not the environment I like and I don't think others enjoy much either. I feel like a jerk, but I am simply going to remove these people and move on, without asking questions. I would like to attempt to knock down two raids at a time with all the achievements done if it's possible and depending on everyone's time constrains. I just want to make sure that everyone is on the page when we start. This is what I am focusing on this week:

**Trial of the Crusader (ToC) 25man**
*Achievement: The Traitor King (25 player)
*Requirements: Kill 25 Swarm Scarabs within 30 seconds in 25-player mode.
*Details: I have completed ToC 10 & 25 man in heroic mode, but I have never cleared it in normal. So I would prefer to do this in entirely in normal mode if it's possible, but I am not sweating it.

**Ice Crown Citadel (ICC) 10 or 25man**
*Achievement: Follow up from last week - probably several achievements people are missing but I don't know what they are specifically.
*Details: I have all of the achievements here; this is mostly to help others out that missed some of the achievements because we had players not in vent that forced either a wipe or a loss of the achievement. Some still need the other parts to "Once Bitten, Twice Shy" Personally the only thing that I really need from here is to "Rescue Valithria Dreamwalker" in normal mode if it's possible, but I am not sweating it.

I am basically going back and doing an achievement clean up on several things that I have either missed due to work or whatever the reason in the past. In the coming weeks I also plan on doing some runs through several of the Burning Crusade raids for the tier 5 priest Avatar transmog set, rep, and at the special request of my wife she would like to run Karazhan; she's kind of nostalgic on the renaissance flair from this instance. I also plan on making runs to several other WoLK raids, including Ulduar, Onyxia's Lair, Naxxramas, Vault of Archavon, and probably a few others. Yes, I realize that some of this is now solo-able but it would be nice get a core group together who probably need the same achievement and knock them out together a lot faster and smoother than what I could accomplish on my own. As usual the raid will begin:

Sunday, December 2nd @ 10am server time or 10am Pacific Standard time; expected total runtime from about 10am to 1pm server time.

Also, if anyone is interested I need to do several of the LK Heroic 5man dungeon achievements too. Including:
*Chaos Theory
*Respect Your Elders
*Experienced Drake Rider
*Argent Confessor
*The Faceroller
*I've Had Worse
*Soul Power
*Three Faced

If you need to work on these outside of Sunday; let me know maybe we can work something out for both our schedules. I can be on pretty much any time of the day with a little notice.
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