Landfall = Forced PvP on PvE Realms?


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11/28/2012 05:47 PMPosted by Magdelak
PVP is a mini game within the main game. I don't pvp, I don't want to pvp. I have absolutely no interest in pvp. If you want to pvp then that's why there are battlegrounds. Whats so fantastic about sneaking up behind someone and killing them when they are fighting like 5 npc's. If some horde idiot is running around flagged I just ignore him and do my quest and leave.

Yes. This 100%.

The war does not have to be Player vs Player. PvP is NOT at the heart of WoW, nor has it ever been.

I don't PvP in ANY game I play, I prefer co-op games for that reason. The attitudes you find in competitive game communities are more often than not very virulent.

PvP has NO place on PvE servers, and should be disabled completely. Keep the gankers and epeen strokers on the PvP servers thank you very much. Keep your PvP out of my PvE game.
100 Worgen Priest
If you're on a PvP server you really have no reason to post in or derail this thread, this issue doesn't concern you in the slightest. But please note the fact that millions of players are giving Blizzard $15/month to play on PvE-Only servers instantly debunks and permanently invalidates any of the bitter ramblings against PvE servers that, once again, have no place in this topic. No one should be forced to PvP when they only play this game because Blizzard Entertainment has given the option to segregate millions of subscribers onto servers away from PvP.

Thank you for the responses and hotfixes blues, glad to see this wasn't intended for PvE realms. As other players have reported the cannons seem to be flagging for pvp, but it's entirely possible horde NPCS are shooting around the same time that the cannons are hitting players because the cannons do not always seem to flag me.

Keep in mind you are playing a GAME that's PVP, I don't care what blizzard has said in the past.

You have HORDE vs ALLIANCE this has been going on since warcraft.

This is something you need to deal with.

Just to put the final nail in the coffin of the above quoted delusion, please note that there really isn't any Lore (aka the lifeblood of WoW) in PvP. All the lore on the conflict between Horde and Alliance has been PvE based since Warcraft was a Real Time Strategy. There would be absolutely no story whatsoever without PvE - To many of us PvP is just an optional minigame that has little to do with the story.

If you really want to PvP, take it to a PvP-server, and stop losing sleep over the fact that PvE servers exist.
100 Draenei Death Knight
Did the dailies yesterday at the horde base. their guards came out of nowhere and slapped me around, no big deal maybe I got to close to their quest hub. got ganked, waited out the flag, rez and get hit by several rounds of cannon fire, flagged again, dead, wait it out.

I don't mind PvP, but I want to do it on my terms when I am in the mood for it. Thankfully I was able to get what I needed and get out. Only got killed 5 times, but thats to be expected 5 on 1 at times.
90 Gnome Priest
11/28/2012 06:01 PMPosted by Aenoan
It doesn't matter if its a PvE or PvP thats fundamentally is what the game is based on. So if they add events like Tol Barad or WG and these dailies and if you have to pvp a little thats something thats gonna have to happen, kinda like the old bear mount from killing the city leaders

That's totally fine too, if it's intended to be implemented that way, as TB and WG were.

The problem is that these are PvE dailies, for PvE rewards, and people were incorrectly being flagged for PvP.

That's what this thread is about, and it keeps getting off-track.
94 Gnome Warlock
11/28/2012 05:28 PMPosted by Jamalia
There should be times players are forced to flag for pvp, just like we are forced to do pve, no matter realm type.

How about no. Does no work for you?
not forced, just watch what your hitting
90 Gnome Priest
11/28/2012 06:07 PMPosted by Toxy
not forced, just watch what your hitting

Being flagged after attacking a non-PvP quest NPC is not forced? Blizzard wouldn't have hot-fixed it if it were working as intended.
90 Blood Elf Paladin
These quests are bull!@#$ on my server. cmon blizz.. alliance population is 8 : 1 Horde.. it's a little ridiculous to say the least
11/28/2012 06:13 PMPosted by Kocopuph
These quests are bull!@#$ on my server. cmon blizz.. alliance population is 8 : 1 Horde.. it's a little ridiculous to say the least

Nothing wrong in dead Horde....just saying
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Back in the days of the original Warcraft, the two factions existed to give players the opportunity to play both sides of the story - not for PvP reasons. No matter how much PvP diehards want to deny it, WoW is a PvE game at its heart. The "scripted dragons" you so decry are the actual game, while PvP is an added minigame.

I feel no ill will to PvP players. If you get your $15 worth of enjoyment out of only PvPing, then you're doing it right. Just realize that there are those of us who get our $15 of enjoyment by avoiding PvP like a swarm of carrion-infested rodents.
90 Night Elf Death Knight
That's totally fine too, if it's intended to be implemented that way, as TB and WG were.The problem is that these are PvE dailies, for PvE rewards, and people were incorrectly being flagged for PvP.That's what this thread is about, and it keeps getting off-track.

The thing about PvP players, from what I've seen, is that they want to force everyone else to participate in PvP.
90 Human Warlock
On Tuesday, when the servers came back up, I did the quests. They were off the Skyfire to kill npcs in Domination Point. Everything was fine until I ended up getting flagged while fighting the Ogre guy for the "Don't lose your head" quest that had you kill named NPCs. All of a sudden, my name goes green and 4 horde attack me (mostly a troll druid cat). I just stood there and let them take me down because I knew I wouldn't be able to take out 5 horde on a (mostly) recently dinged 90 with 0 pvp gear.

Hopefully the next time I have to go to the Skyfire to kill Domination Point, I won't get randomly flagged so the "pvp heroes" on this pve server of mine won't kill me for something I had no control over.

And it is times like these that I wish you guys would implement something similar to Rift: A toggle for auto-flag PVP available on pve servers. The option in that game kept me from healing someone flagged, and if I remember right, kept me from attacking someone who was flagged. Unless I manually flagged. It also removed the pvp flag immediately after returning from a random battleground.

And if I wanted to pvp, I would have played on a pvp server. But I honestly didn't want to put up with the caustic attitudes that permeate those types of servers.
100 Blood Elf Paladin
I've been unmounted and launched into the middle of the ally base more than once while questing on my monk, no accidental flags though.
Maybe since you guys are in our base you are getting too close to our vendors or flight master, also if you aren't into pvp stay well away from the objective nodes, if the opposing faction has captured them then they can purchase flagged elites to guard it. They have a decent aggro radius and will flag you on the spot.
100 Human Mage
11/27/2012 01:01 PMPosted by Probability
Is this a bug? These PvE quests for PvE rep loot purchased with PvE valor are flagging everyone for PvP, on a PvE realm.

I did all the quests the first day on my monk. Only timed I was flagged was when I chose to be to capture a tower.
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I love all these posts about turning world pvp off on pve servers, makes me laugh.
85 Goblin Shaman
11/28/2012 08:30 PMPosted by Onilakon
I love all these posts about turning world pvp off on pve servers, makes me laugh.

I'm glad they are providing you with entertainment, but these posts have a point. It should be possible to do PvE quests on a PvE server without being affected by PvP.

The easy solution to all this is to make any mob or player marked for PvP return "invalid target" to any attempted action unless you yourself are flagged.
90 Draenei Shaman
Shamans get flagged by the attacking guards because lightning shield hits them back. So if you wander too close to the opposing base, take of your lightning shield.
90 Draenei Hunter
11/28/2012 03:29 PMPosted by Morrigahn
We don't need encouragement to pvp, we don't want to pvp, that is why we roll on pve servers. This is almost as bad as the for the children achievement that is keeping me from my violet proto drake. Another instance of forced pvp to get a non pvp related reward.

In order to finish the next stage of the Legendary questline in MoP you must PvP.

Not PvPing for the best PvE reward is not an option now. If you want the rewards, you must PvP.

I thought there was another option for that... but if not, well great
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