LFR not showing number of bosses down??

90 Dwarf Shaman
Please please please please tell me this is a bug!

I can almost understand that you dont want people(mainly tanks/healers) dropping the queue pop because its not the amount of bosses downed they want/need due to some reason or another. But it still just doesnt make sense. Now instead of people dropping queue because they only need say the last 2 bosses instead of all 3 they have to join the raid and either take a 30min debuff or down the first boss all over again even though there is nothing in it for them, if they already downed it that week.

I never seen it be an issue at all with people dropping queue instead of accepting, from today all the way back to when it started with DS. Sure there were a few times here n there where you would hear the noise pop when someone declined and it put the raid back into queue... but it would take a few seconds longer at most to get that next person in instead. so why exactly was this change made?
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90 Blood Elf Priest
Have you run LFR? Waiting for two healers involves watching about twenty people refuse the queue. If you already have bosses down it prioritizes groups with bosses you still need.
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90 Dwarf Shaman
11/27/2012 01:49 PMPosted by Oboyoboy
Have you run LFR? Waiting for two healers involves watching about twenty people refuse the queue. If you already have bosses down it prioritizes groups with bosses you still need.

Yes i have run LFR, since week 1 with DS infact, and on all 3 roles. Never once has it been any sort of major issue waiting for any role to fill up once the raid was going. Now however instead of that instant decline and auto placing back into queue, the person will join, decide they dont want to do that boss and then drop group, making it take quite a bit longer to fill the group up.

I have always gone in and done any bosses i have not downed yet no matter what place the queue took me in at boss wise. If my first LFR of the week took me in on the last boss, then i would do it and requeue to get the first 2 bosses. If i downed the first 2 bosses and only needed the last then i could wait for the queue pop to tell me it was the right raid to join. Now i have 2 bosses down in a raid and had to leave before the 3rd boss, now any time i queue it wants me to down the first 2 bosses again with no reward other then eventually getting to the last boss. And guess what... 30min debuff is shorter a time then it would take for me to get past those first 2 bosses again... yeah they just made everything simply take longer then it already did, not solve a single issue, and there was no real issue to resolve in the first place.
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My problem is that they allow a boss fight to be in progress, in the middle of the wipe, bring in a healer looking for a fresh run on the third boss, and then you get to die MULTIPLE times because some tool can't stop pulling.

This is really causing an issue for us healers. I do NOT want to join a raid where some jerk is chain pulling the boss just to screw with everyone in the raid, then people leave, and I get sucked into this nightmare. THIS is the problem with not showing the number of bosses already killed in the group you are about to join. Now I have a THIRTY FREAKING MINUTE debuff preventing me from getting into a run that doesn't have this idiot.
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90 Pandaren Warrior
Yup, Just noticed it, too.

I guess I'll be getting alot of debuffs. I like how they sneak it in. Knowing NOONE likes it that way. Another reason to keep looking for another game.

Blizz veils letting me decide which runs to do, I'll veil my wallet. Simple enough.

Certainly didn't read it in the patch notes. Shady azz chumps.

I like it that way. So your argument is invalid.
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