Cho'gall is down?

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French poodle. and a small weiner dog.

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12/01/2012 10:26 PMPosted by Warrengee
^^ stalker

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12/02/2012 12:47 AMPosted by Wantafanta

I know you are but what am I? ;p
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Maybe they are adding new dailies to northern Jade Forest by the original Pandaria crash landing respective to both horde and alliance. In my opinion, the quests would have to do with rebuilding the airship(horde) and Stormwind vessel (thats what I said, wessel, eh Star Trek.....3? return of spock?, I'm not a trek-e).

Anyway; my idea of the quests would be as follows:

Note: 200g, X honor points, <crap green/LCOTE>, rep with Horde.

After first completion, gold reward is 40g, considered daily and CAN be completed in Raid group, however players/members must be in Jade Forest/quest area and complete objectives or atleast one to get credit. Upon leaving quest area, it will be removed from log if not complete. It is shareable.

There would be nerd points involved by: using, etc.. Just like every other daily in Tol Barad, Wintergrasp, etc..

Harvest the Land!
Rebuild the <shipname>!
rewards 200g, X Honor Points, and of course more lesser charms of the elder as we could always use more. <NPC>: <Player>, rebuild/reinforce airship/vessel by chopping/harvesting trees from the Jade Forest using any means necessary (i.e. equipment like warsong lumber camp, gnome/goblin stuff) OR mining quest specific ore nodes for materials to rebuild reinforce <ship>. Find someone who is a <Master of the Loom>(possible title idea for tailors who know every recipe in the "book") to make alterations/stitch/sew/craft new sails/zeppelin balloons. Find a <Master of the Forge>(blacksmith) to repair the cannons on the <ship>. Find a <Master of Flawless Design> (engineer) to "craft" and equip the <ship> with [NiCannon-Balls], be careful as it's not safe to RUN (Cannon Ball Run movies) with [NiCannon-Balls]. Return to <NPC> when you have completed these tasks. This quest CAN be completed in a raid group.

TO-RTUGA! (Horde) } Gather the most wretched loyal pirates (players) to man the ship.
First Mate!(alliance) } Recruit clean, formal, arrogant Fleet servants(players) to become your first mates, even if they are legless, their arms still work.

Bloody Pirates! (Alliance) } Defending the <ship>! The Horde approaches once again!
ARRR! (horde) } Unleash Carnage onto <ship>! Paint it Red!

Gather/Recruit pirates/servants (Players), man your ships and the spoils of war are yours to keep.

Usable items on <ship>.
[Captain's Wheel] use: steer-der!
(horde)[Fel-Cannon] use: load and blast [NiCannon-Balls] at <ship>
(alliance)[Spinning Gun Turret] use: Don't let <Epcot Blossom> steal the show and your ship maid's heart.

Miscellaneous usable items on ships: iron cage to lock yourself in when you start talking to yourself, ride down a sail using a simple knife while wearing a superman shirt and while someone is on your back (he is wearing the ugliest shirt known to man), cannons, turrets, flamethrowers, harpoons, ropes, scout posts atop masts, captains table in quarters covered with ruby's, emeralds and diamonds. [Mop buckets] (causing enemy players to slip), trap door leading to water pit inside ship filled with shore living creatures (they make a strange noise when talking to them), they usually aren't friendly. [Silverwear], you may run out of cannonballs. Rum barrels, using [Captain's Wheel] is not recommended after using [RedRum Barrel]. Hoisting and dropping sails affecting speed of ship. [Fish nets], spears, harpoons, using these however may cause unrest with local animal rights activists throwing their dirty laundry onto your ship.
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Wow, you were bored. LOL
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12/01/2012 10:14 PMPosted by Warrengee
I logged in and began to REGULATE and low and behold i crashed the server.. Its DK thing.

That was quite unfortunate. I was about to make some bodies turn cold.
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He's coming... but are you ready??
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