Beginner fails

90 Draenei Priest
Here's something fun to do. What were your top 3 beginner fails when you started playing the game?


1. I made a human mage and thought that the way to level was to kill critters and other mobs in Elwynn Forest. After a while I stopped leveling and gave up because I didn't get it.

2. I went to Goldshire and stood there admiring all the cool level 70s. Only problem: I was on a PvP server.

3. On my first ever hunter, I dismissed my initial pet thinking I wanted something cooler, but then I was unable to tame anything because of my low level.
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90 Undead Hunter
I tried to World PvP on a Holy Priest.

I forgot that I could mount up at lvl 40 and was running everywhere in Ghost Wolf.

I rolled a Pally.

Does getting lost in WC and Mara count?
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90 Night Elf Druid
I carried a Pruning Knife around forever because I thought you needed it to use Herbalism.
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100 Human Paladin
I leveled my ret pally with a 1hander and a shield
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90 Blood Elf Hunter
I played the game.
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91 Troll Mage
i got t2 from rbgs last season.
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90 Human Mage
11/27/2012 03:54 PMPosted by Tswiftxoxo
i got t2 from rbgs last season.
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When I first started, I didn't even pick up quests. I just killed boars to get exp. Did that until about level 3-4.
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90 Troll Hunter
I rolled a warrior and spam-hit auto-attack.

To be fair, I was coming from playing Fable which didn't have an automatic attack, but yeah, it took me a while to figure out that I could just attack !@#$ and I'd keep attacking until it was dead >>;
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