Battle.Net Error #2 Unable to connect


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Yes im double posting. Yes an admin said check our connections. ATTN: admins its not on our side it yours. hundreds of us are having troble loging in after this patch. So can you officaly give us an answer instead of telling us its on our side? If i didnt have internet i wouldnt be posting this now would I? its not an HKI error!

discuss and add......
90 Human Hunter
I cant get on WOW or Diablo. Battlenet error2
90 Human Mage
I was having the same issue, did a computer/modem restart. Now after typing in password I just get Connecting...Connecting.....Connecting.....

3 minutes later...still trying to connect haha

Hopefully they have this fixed soon.
90 Human Hunter
I did the restarts and still get error 2
90 Night Elf Death Knight
I even attempted reinstalling WoW, and now I cannot even connect to the patcher... not sure what Battle.Net Error #2 is but it has blocked me completely from the patching service. I figured maybe server were just under maintenance, but my armory says otherwise. :(
This is just ridiculous. On the other thread the blue post asked for specific information about router modem etc. An hour after posing my info still no response. Like OP said, it's most likely on blizzards side. EVERYTHING else is working fine on my side except WoW.
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i cant even get passed 10% downloading 5.1... will just stay on initializing, if i close and re open the launcher it will go up .1% lol 1000clicks inc!!
11/27/2012 12:28 PMPosted by Irdrood
i cant even get passed 10% downloading 5.1... will just stay on initializing, if i close and re open the launcher it will go up .1% lol 1000clicks inc!!

At least after downloading you don't get false hope. More errors to come. :/
90 Worgen Warrior
I have the same problem connecting...connecting...connecting...ahhhh
90 Pandaren Shaman
same here Error #2
90 Human Mage
11/27/2012 12:32 PMPosted by Lycanator
I have the same problem connecting...connecting...connecting...ahhhh

I feel your pain haha...mine is still at the "Connecting" stage. I am gonna leave it up and see if it disconnects me at the 20 minute mark! Wanna race?!
90 Worgen Priest
9595 Error #2 Hope Blizz gets on this right away. Be nice if they respond with an ETA on this fix at least. They need to make this a sticky.
90 Worgen Warrior
i am very i will take your challenge hahah
90 Dwarf Warrior
Was able to get online at one point but a few seconds later i was disconnected and the whole "connecting..." process continued.
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Now when I click to open the launcher, WoW is EXTREMELY slow to open to the log in screen...
90 Human Paladin
I've disabled and uninstalled all my anti-virus programs and still having the error #2 message, restarted my comp 5 times now for multiple minutes, restarted the modem and have yet to connect to the game. Fix this already blizzard.
90 Human Warrior
I am having the same problem error #2
Wow has yet to fail to get their money every month from my CC,patch day or not!!
90 Human Hunter
I can't get past the PLAY button on launcher. Keeps taking me back to PLAY button over & over.
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Imagine how bad it would be if Romney won...
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