<Ardent Storm> is recruiting casual members of any kind. We are an old guild that has been around since Vanilla and have been raiding on and off since Karazhan. The guild is home to a handful of semi-serious raiders and also a handful of casual non-raiders.

To those who are interested in a raid spot:
Attendance and lack of availability are far and away the biggest two factors to our lack of progression thus far. I would like to add a handful of casual raiders so that nobody feels like they need to choose WoW over real life, yet we always have enough to raid. We aim to raid 2 or 3 times per week, typically Tues and Thurs with an optional Sun with first pull being at 10 PM EST all nights.

Any class/spec is welcome to join, but our #1 need in the raid team is an elemental shaman. Any ranged DPS is more likely to be considered for a permanent spot than melee at this point in time.

Please whisper me (Boozeftw, Eridanos, Boozelol) in game if you're interested.