[A] LFM 2000+ MMR RBGs Every Thu/Sat 7pm EST

90 Gnome Monk
Currently need:
    Warrior FC
    2 Consistent Warlocks
    Frost DK
    DPS Druid
    Consistent Mage

My goal is to make a VIABLE Rated Battlegrounds group to get 2200 or higher with. Through trial and error, I have seen what classes work well as a 10-man PvP group and what doesn't. I'm not in need of bodies, I need PASSIONATE, DEDICATED, SKILLED PLAYERS that fit the group composition. I'm looking for players with excellent communication, smart burst and excellent support of the RBG group and its subgroups. The only specification that is currently holding my group back from its goal is team composition. We have way too many priests that want to participate, and while I want to help everyone who is valued and interested in improving the roster, I need to maintain a well-balanced group in order to gain rating.

As far as the group goes, I am very content with the healing roster of my team. Things happen, people get busy, and sometimes I am not able to play with those same three players every week. The current preferred healers are Nikitabanana, Gershwinner and me(Tubzhehe). Patch 5.1 is making me feel uneasy about Mistweaver monk throughput, so I am currently working on a resto druid (Moffy) to replace Tubzhehe if needbe. Having backups for the healer positions will always be well appreciated, and if we become consistent enough with our RBG matches I will make sure you get some games in if you can prove yourself.

Our flag carrier spot is up for grabs. We've been using a Brewmaster Monk (Shen) as a FC, because that's all we currently have access to. Shen hasn't gimped the team's progress in any way; we've effortlessly maintained a 2100 MMR with his participation. While Brewmasters have great utility, their survivability is very poor vs. casters, and they dont have as much utility as the other options. I am looking for a Protection Warrior to fill this spot, but they need to be dedicated to the role. Being a flag carrier means prioritizing your survivability (Resilience gems) over your DPS set.

The hardest part about forming a RBG team is the DPS composition. It's difficult deciding what 6 classes to bring; you need a good mix of AoE DPS, single target DPS, control classes, utility classes, the list goes on and on. I want to try as many variations as possible, but I need them to be viable. The current composition I want to try is 2 DESTRUCTION WARLOCKS, 2 FROST DEATHKNIGHTS, BOOMKIN/FERAL DRUID, MAGE. If you can help make this happen, please bring it to my attention.

1. Amazing communication ("The Druid used barkskin, switch to the Shaman real quick and go back on the druid when barkskin fades."). If you don't talk in Skype, you are gimping the group. Know what's worth calling out and what isn't. Don't talk socially in Skype, when the gates open it's 100% business. Obviously if we're at a huge disadvantage I will lighten up about it.

2. No tunnelling. This applies to DPS that just sit on the same target constantly and healers that, because of periods of intense stress and heal strain, end up standing in a bad spot while turreting heals. I need you to watch everything you can, because you are my eye in the sky. Smart cooldown management is very preferred too. This isn't PvE, you don't pop everything at the start and maintain a rotation. You don't trinket the first CC you are put in.

3. Quick thinking. Just because I am the RBG leader doesn't mean I have to decide what every person needs to do at a given time. Blacksmith at a standstill? You saw 3 enemy players run to Stables and you see 1 of us defending? Break off and call it out. Need help at a node? Say something. Quickly.

4. Team Synergy. Set up opportunities for other players. Discuss over Skype what you want to try to get a kill on, and work together to achieve it. I want to hear people saying "Nice!" when you use one of your abilities at the perfect time. Setting up kills is the most complex part of RBGs, but once you have a technique worked out it really puts the other team at a disadvantage.

5. Be assertive. I want you to get pissed if you sat in a full CC despite calling it out multiple times. I want to hear confidence in your voice when you say something, no guessing games.

Think you got what it takes? Interested in being the type of player I'm looking for? Do a few random battlegrounds with me, I run them CONSTANTLY. Let me get a feel for how you play and if it will work well in my roster. Leave a message here with your class, spec, and experience. Players without a PvP weapon will not be considered.
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90 Human Warrior
Warrior - FC/Arms - 2300 Arena XP and 2k~ RBG XP, have T1 for Arms and FC.
PvP gear is for arms right now but if I am brought into the team i will revert it back to survivability.

Note: Thursday's are kind of hard for me, raid night from 8 EST - 11 EST so I'd only have an hour then but Saturday's I'm on 24/7.
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90 Human Death Knight
I might be interested, 2650 arena exp, 2100 rbg title, played frost/blood since the inception of dks. msg/mail me in game to talk more if you are so inclined.
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What kind of wise crack is that... ! "Consistant mage"
I'll have you know that i have regular movements.
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90 Human Warlock
What kind of wise crack is that... ! "Consistant mage"
I'll have you know that i have regular movements.

If you count regularly having diarrhea as "regular movements."
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If a chicken poops an egg, and theres a chick in, you can still make scrambled eggs. ^
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90 Human Priest
2200+ Arena Experienced and 2100+ RBG xp spriest if you are still looking. I can make both dates / times consistently. I did offensive coordination and strategy for up to 2100 for my 2100 achieve.
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^^^^^ Vouched
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100 Night Elf Druid
2k Arena Experienced and 2100+ RBG xp Rdruid. I can make Both Dates and times. I am looking for a core group. In S9 i lead my team to 2k RBgs. Than joined Entropy and Kod's Rbg team.
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