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Ministry of Darkness (MoD) is urgently looking for any able - bodied players to fill the roster of our core 10 man group.

- Resto Druid
- Elemental or Enhance (preferred) Shaman
- A second Mage or Warlock
- Basically any non-pally dps, heals, tank

These roles are urgently needed and if interested will start IMMEDIATELY. Our progression stands at 1/6 regular MV offering perfect opportunity to experience a fresh start on MoP raiding.

Raid Schedule:

Currently we are still discussing optimal raid times in order to have the best possible turn out of members for our raids. As of the time of posting we are raiding Thursday and Sundays 7pm EST - 10 pm EST.

This of course is subject to change since we want our members to raid there fore we schedule our raid times when it bests suits everyone. As a member you will have any say in this as well.We do raid every week. On the day. On time. Always. We simply need a core group to improve our progression.

Our Current Line up is:

- Warrior and Paladin Tank
- Hunter and Warlock Dps
- Priest and Paladin Healer

About us:

MoD is a level 25 Alliance PvE Guild on the Winterhoof server. Our members are all players who want to enjoy the game and raid as part of it. We do not argue, we do not QQ. In fact, I have been in the guild for almost a year now and never has anyone yelled screamed or cursed in vent. It's not our nature.

We raid because we want to and we raid on the days when there is a majority consensus. So if you want that serious raid guild with out the elitist feel, this is the guild for you.


MoD uses KSKloot, a loot addon that distributes loot by accepting only rolls from classes that are eligible for that piece. 1-100 for needs, 101-200 for greeds. No ninjas, no extra credit, no member perks.

If no one wants the loot:

- BoE - open roll
- BoP - Disenchanted


This thread is directed toward filling up our core 10 man roster. So we expect:

- Maturity

- A willingness to learn

- Patience on wipes

- Be on time for raids

- Know your class

- Know the fight

- Be Smart

Feast are provided in the instance but it is encouraged to bring flasks and the food that is most beneficial to your class if the feasts do not provide it.


Please respond to this thread with any questions or interest in joining our ranks. Also please don’t be afraid to ask me any questions on my battletag:


We await your responses.