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90 Human Hunter
A lot of complaints talk about the fact that we have too many buttons, as well as a few opinions about the focus-regen tree, mainly Dire Beast.
Dire Beast seems to be a pretty big chunk of dps, which leaves me with a bad feeling about the tree, as the main theme seems to be focus regeneration, however, Dire Beast has become "the choice" for maximum dps on top of the focus regen, which is something that the other choices can't well compete with.

How about reworking that tree, making Dire Beast passive or something, and buff up Fervor and Thrill of the Hunt to compete as viable choices for that tier?
Perhaps to compensate for the cooldown loss, buff the core shots (explosive, steady, aimed etc)

And while I'm on the subject of talents, a lot of folk say Powershot and Barrage are bugged. Glaive Toss seems to be a good choice for the tier, and Powershot has an interesting concept if the bugs can be fixed and the skill consistently works as intended (or the tooltip updated if it's a "skill shot").
But Barrage...... why not a targeted aoe as a choice for the tier? Remove Barrage, give us Volley back.
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90 Human Hunter
Any opinions from fellow Hunters or dps'ers on this?

I think giving Dire Beast the axe, or reworking it and removing the dps function (while buffing our core shots) could make Hunters competitive and fun again.

A lot of folks have unsubbed due to disliking the class currently, let's fix that Blizzard. Do some of your own testing, play the class, read some logs, instead of using a spreadsheet, saying "we're fine" and calling it a day.
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90 Orc Hunter
I agree with your Dire Beast suggestion where they should remake it into a more focus regeneration talent.

I can't understand why anyone wants Volley back, it sucked, it did decent damage, but

1. It was channelled, which doesn't fit into the hunter play style at all any more, ESPECIALLY with the removal of Fox.
2. It would probably have a fairly high focus cost, over 40 for sure. We don't need another high focus cost ability.
3. The "new" multi shot has waaaay more versatility when it comes to AOE that it is the superior choice. Add phase on Elagon? Np. Maloriak? EZ PZ. Bethtil'ac adds? No problem, with Volley we would have been useless in that fight. All are semi movement intensive add fights where multishot does better than Volley.

Blizzard scrapping current Barrage, (which does need a small buff, It's versatile and interesting on heavy add fights) and bringing back Volley would probably make me reroll or quit all together.
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