Eth Chaim (Alliance RP/PvP/PvE)

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Eth Chaim is a medium-heavy Role-play/PvP/PvE guild (casual Role Players welcome) that started off on Maelstrom before the Role-play flat lined and we are looking for a new home. The style of RP is 100% story based. Although we keep to the lore of Azeroth, Eth Chaim has lore of its own and each "main story event" we have is a continuation of the last, so you must keep up with what is going on via forum and in game role-play. We are likely to develop events based on members' story and progression, as well as make frequent tavern events, as well as training grounds and flashbacks.

It is, to an extent, a united clan, treated as family between each other that share a mindset in that we believe in Harmony, same power to every fraction of the world we live in and protect. It is not just between the warring factions of the Alliance or the Horde, but in every particle of our reality and of our dreams. At the same time that we may bring Light to the pits of the Abyss, we may be the dark hand of Night when the Sun begins to burn the sight. We exist to ensure the Law that one force cannot exist without the other. And so we live and die to see this True. In order to become recruited into the guild you must first role-play with one of the leaders and they must accept you. The guild is composed of three leaders: the Da'at, the Yesod, and the Chokmah. Once we have a number of initiates, there will be a ceremony in which you receive your tabard and take the first big step into becoming one with the Golden Tree (our guild symbol) and take the title and oath of the Malkuth.

Soon the Malkuth are to meet the ones further in the Pilgrimage...such is the role of the Netzach (AKA as the Ka: Gevurah'Ka , Binah'Ka, Typhereth' Ka) ones who guide Malkuth into knowing more about themselves and the roles they have in the guild. Ka's must rp trying to get info from the characters about what they are (dps, heal, tanks...rp the meaning of their specs and help them icly use it). A member who is Ka is responsible to lead Malkuth to their next stage on the Pilgrimage.
This second stage is where they understand their roles (tank heal dps) and grasp the meaning of their specs, becoming Gevurah (melee dpsers or tanks), Binah (dps spell casters) or Typhereth (healers).

We require you go to our forum site from here and read the entire section under Joining Eth Chaim before applying because there are quite a few rules. Our rules have accumulated over time, any changes ever made will be posted as a comment, but only certain people will be allowed permission.

If you are interested, please send Arsiana, Baojia or Krimdhor in game mail or Private Message via our forum site.

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(guild moved to Wyrmrest Accord under the old leadership)
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