Excited about healing but..

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I am looking for some help/direction. So I have 8 Level 20-40 characters (Lol I had to find myself) and have finally decided to make my first high level character a healer. However, since I am going to be new to almost every aspect of WoW I'm left puzzled as to which class would be best for my main. A few statements/questions that I think would help..

-I have ruled out tanking due to my lack of dungeon experience.
-I have very little gold and no INT heirlooms.
-Could I use the same gear for healing and questing in a dps spec that also uses INT?
-I'll be doing PvP and PvE

So which class do you think would be best for my first high-level character?
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-If you ruled out tanking due to your lack of dungeon experience, don't you think it'd rule out healing too? It's completely viable to level up a shockadin.. but I would definitely do a lot more dungeons to get more experience with them.
-You don't need heirlooms to be good, imo. They've made this game easy regardless, heirlooms just make the game easier (and quicker). Gold shouldn't be too much of an issue if you quest. Try not to buy things you may not need on the AH.
-Well, while you're leveling a shadow/holy priest, elemental/resto shaman or a balance/resto druid, it is completely viable to have the same gear. If I am correct, shadow priests, elemental shamans and balance druids get HIT rating based on their spirit. At level 90, you should definitely have different gear for DPS/Healing.
-Not really sure what to say for the PvP/PvE comment. Any healer can be good in PvE and PvP right now, resto shamans and disc priests are pretty good.

Honestly, you should try healing with all 5 healers because they all play differently and it depends on how quickly you adapt to controlling that character. For example.. I LOVE playing my Resto Shaman and my Holy Paladin.. but my best friend HATES healing as them and prefers a Resto Druid and he rocks socks with it. It really all depends. Just try em all out and see what you like. :)
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I can understand not wanting to tank. I get lost in dungeons..and people follow you, and well get lost with you. :P Healers follow, much easier.

I have one of each healer at level 85 and higher. For questing, shaman, priest, druid will do fine sharing gear. The gear will not be ideal for dps but good enough for questing. Pick the one you like the best. You can always level more later. :) Personally druid is my personal favorite, but probably not in the best place for 25 man raids at max level, not bad (especially for 10 man and pvp), just not one of the best. Have fun.
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I have a druid in almost full pvp gear. I get wrecked all the time, they can't handle burst in pvp.
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Yeah the whole ruling out tanking was literally because I didn't know the directions/order in the dungeons and would get lost 9/10 times and have had a much easier time learning my role in groups as a healer. About the gear, so what you guys are saying is that it's okay to use healing gear when in a dps spec that uses INT for questing before level 90?
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Each healer plays differently. I heal my best on a priest, followed distantly by a druid, and then shaman and pali, with monk being the most akward for me.

I can shift easily from one priest healing spec to the other depending on which is working better or fits my raid comp better.

I'm biased I know, but shadow is in an incredible place endgame right now (unless you focus on pvp, look for other opinions if that is your focus), and both healing specs are viable if not somewhat akward to play to their best.
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Oh and thanks for all the responses!
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