JoinBattlefield -- how do we use it post 5.1?

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11/28/2012 03:07 PMPosted by Glítch
I would of left this forum alone a long time ago if I wasn't repeatedly attacked and talked about in the third person like I'm not actively posting.. Oh well.. such is life.

Ever heard the terms Pick your battles? You come into a thread where a lot of people are advocating for oq, simply asking for a response why it was taken out, and you go rambling about premades being bad...what did you expect? If you feel that way about premades, make a post about it.
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It's very obvious that those commenting on my post have barely skimmed through them.. As I have ran with groups like that, I chose not to do it again because obliterating an unskilled team is not a victory...

You all keep calling me the troll but you need to step back and read your own post as you attack me.

You don't have to run a wsg with nine bots.. or afkers.. Plenty of other ways to make a premade group .. war games.. arenas.. RBGs.... and once again.. Blizzard is obviously working on it according to you guys... but again.. you're more worried about getting your pre-mades back than getting rid of bots and afkers...

it's a forum on getting oQueue back up and running, not Trolls QQing about premades

Yes, getting oQueue back and running when it shouldn't be allowed to be.. well, the premade random bg feature anyway...

If anyone is trolling, its all of you. Everytime you choose to join into a regular Random BG as a pre-made.

want a cookie Troll?
Try taking 40 ppl into AV with greens on and winning or take 40 ppl into IOC and win against a full group of Boxers.. now thats fun and thats what this is about. You cant run rated bgs with out the gear and same as arena unless your kinda fun is plain failure. so you have to run bg's to get the honor to get the gear and if you have limited time to play the game oQueue provided the value for time..

The outcry has been huge for getting the bots removed but hey lets face the facts here.. Blizzard has investors that want to see there money grow, so Blizzard need to provide numbers that grow, so their investors can line their pockets and blizz employees can feed their familys.. So bots = subs = money = happy campers..
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Glitch jus because you dont like ok doesnt mean its unfair or shouldnt be there that is YOUR personal opinion and if you read this thread you will see you and mabey one or two other people are the ONLY ones out of masses of people to think that. I respect your opinion but you are clearly outnumbered and in a democratic environment your opinion would have lost. You can stop crying about casuals now because plenty of casuals use it
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To my dearest Glitch,

Casual player defined by me as someone who plays for less than 15 hours per week, doesn't pvp or pve hardcore due to RL, family, job, etc.

I believe it's actually the casuals (me) that use it most. As I am:

1. on a dead server
2. in a guild where none - few of my guildees pvp (well without back pedaling)
3. only playing this game for pvp
4. have grinded all of my gear except for my weapon, using random BG queues
5. only got to RBG because of oQ
6. wondering where all these premades who've stomped you are...cause I come across them maybe once out of 20?
7. still trying to understand your perspective on how premades ruin the pvp experience when in fact, they make for some great matches or quick losses
8. unsure you've played in real random BG queues...reporting bots and AFKers don't typically solve the problems with them, especially immediately.

You're trolling obviously because of the name calling and how you refer to us as weak and not willing to be challenged. Where we are simply defending our reasons for the addon to work as it did before because as Blizzard said, it was an unintentional side effect to increase efforts on reducing the usage of bots.
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It's surprising to see just how big the OQ community really is. Don't give up, friends.

Free Oqueue.
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LOL yesterday I was running RBGs and I was bringing in a hunter who was in vent, only to find out after adding his battletag, that he was alliance. I felt sorry for the kid, but it's nice to see alliance using oQueue as well.
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Take note of the following:

  • Tiny is working as hard as he can to get this pushed into submission. Give him some time while he works on it, and works with blizzard.
  • Oqueue is still operational, however leaders are now forced to pay more attention as well as every player in the run. for Targit's Premades™ I call out 3... 2... 1... and on " 1 " the other leaders of my premade will press the join queue button. I wait 1.5 seconds AFTER i say 1. More often than not, the queue speed is successful, then its back to the " good queue, bad queue" boss.
  • **note: if you come in here bashing oqueue, chances are you're subject to being flamed. expect it, accept it, or don't say anything. You're laughed at and ignored if you post on lowbie toons in your poor attempt to have some disclosure.
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    Day 2, waiting for a response from a blue.
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    BGs without OQ is just chock full of bots and afkers.
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    follow oqueue on facebook.
    90 Troll Hunter
    there is a real simple fix to the bott and afkers problems as well as those of u that think a faster loss gives u more honor. so here it is the team that dosent win gets 0 honor problem solved now please Blizz give back our oq and pav

    90 Orc Death Knight
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    there is a real simple fix to the bott and afkers problems as well as those of u that think a faster loss gives u more honor. so here it is the team that dosent win gets 0 honor problem solved now please Blizz give back our oq and pav


    I like that idea! /signed
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    there is a real simple fix to the bott and afkers problems as well as those of u that think a faster loss gives u more honor. so here it is the team that dosent win gets 0 honor problem solved now please Blizz give back our oq and pav


    If you ask me, gear should be removed from the equation in PvP entirely; I actually kind of enjoy the gear grind, but if this is what it takes to remove leechers who are only in it for their peen-points, I'd be all for it.
    Please try not to derail this topic as it grows. It can be deleted and all this will be for naught.
    Managed to do a few games today using OQ. We've been using counting down to get games. OQ isn't totally broken, it just requires a little ingenuity, and little more attentiveness (watching for Qs) to get into games.

    Besides that lil bit of inconvenience, everythings been fine.

    Before those games I pugged it, it was nothing but bots and baddies on both sides. I was gettin' pissed. I didn't realize how much I came to rely on OQ outside of RBGs and Arenas. It made me more appreciative of it, and appreciative of Tiny and Rathamus (owner of the wow public vent) for what they've done for the horde PVP Community(for OQ and Rath strat respectively).

    After havin' usin' a work-a-round, it's not so bad. I'm really hopin' they find a fix to it.

    Puggin' into randoms with nothing but bots (on both sides) is frustrating to no end. Makes me wonder, if randoms are only done by bots.
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    Please fix this blizz....
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    Please blizzard. We will just do the longer method, why do you want botters?
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    Please like Tiny's original post and request a sticky if this addon means the life or death of your wow subscription.
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