brawler's guild loot.

100 Undead Mage
Really wish I'd of looked up the rewards for the Brawler's Guild before buying it off the BMAH, or at least seen that it could be farmed. Feeling horribly let down and ripped off that this is what I wasted 50k+ on.
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100 Human Paladin
12/01/2012 01:15 PMPosted by Gorgon
Really wish I'd of looked up the rewards for the Brawler's Guild before buying it off the BMAH, or at least seen that it could be farmed. Feeling horribly let down and ripped off that this is what I wasted 50k+ on.

Awe life lessons. It's all good man, you learn something.
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100 Undead Mage
I guess.

This is what players get for paying to play a game.

2 more months to get things back in the right direction Blizzard. GOGO.
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100 Human Paladin
Thankfully I got my invite off a rare spawn, noth worth 40k+ gold though it's a fun feature.

I think the Brawlers Guild is an awesome feature. Not everything needs a tangible power reward like epic gear.

I think it's fun just for the challenge and bragging rights. Though I was a bit angry that it was made solely for dps so it was a bit disadvantageous for people whose best gear is tank/healing gear so then they have to work hard to get good dps gear on top of that.

Otherwise it is a niche feature for fun challenges and to bring people together or cause rivalries. A nice community feature.

Since my only dps gear is my pvp gear I can't beat the first boss of rank 4's dps check so I will continue when I get better gear. Just happy I got the clock'em pet.
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100 Orc Hunter
to all the people who attend spectator events year round, yes it is...

you are not one of them, that's all

Nope. I'm not. If I wanted to spectate, I'd go to an arena and spectate. Not sit for an hour waiting while watching idiots troll each other in chat. This is poorly designed, and encourages poor sportsmanship.
Why are you watching chat instead of the Brawl?? O.o?
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1 Goblin Shaman
I just went in to the pub watched a few fights - there was like three toons rotating through the que - I guess I was disappointed by the hype that there was going to be some action in there.

Checked the BAH - and 21K is the bid price on being able to do this.... hmmm....

Well i like the side activity - but will wait it out for an invite or the prices drop.

It's something to do in the city and I like that.
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90 Pandaren Monk
I love the brawlers guild, loads of fun. It being slightly exclusive and having very minimal rewards is an amazing design decision from blizzard.

It's been a little community of us in here having a blast talking to each other and fighting.
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90 Human Warlock
11/29/2012 01:27 PMPosted by Zarhym
if something is fun, does it always have to shower you with rewards?

This is a relevant question. We want the feature to be cool, flavorful, and prestigious on its own merits. As soon as we start tying awesome rewards to it, all the threads misusing phrases like "forced content" and "shoved down our throats" would start popping up for Brawler's Guild.

There are so many elements of gameplay that unlock pathways to flavor, prestige, and power rewards, to the extent that they're often viewed as mandatory by the experienced player who needs every edge or bit of bragging rights.

Im sorry, that is a poor excuse.

If people are complaining about being "forced" to do ANYTHING in this game then I have no idea why they're playing a video game that costs $15 a month to play.

I like playing this game, I really enjoy long term content like long dungeons that aren't loot halways and valor point grinds, if this is the excuse that blizzard is using now for a lack of viable content that isn't cosmetic or progressive, that we "complain that there is rewarding content" then I am done.

That being said, Brawler's guild should be about prestige should it not? Can we at least get better trophies then a pet/heirloom?
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90 Dwarf Hunter
I'd like to add the niche things is what makes this game more eventful to me, the grind to power is slow and wears on your morale, so being able to diverse from the path often travelled and smell the flowers down the way, you can get back on the road with a smile. and maybe kill some horde between here and there.
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100 Human Death Knight
I can't believe people do things just for the loots in the end, not for actually having fun.
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