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12/21/2012 03:04 PMPosted by Bakkalaka
I have chicken nuggets.

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merheals was removed from chaos' group because he took items from raiders and sold them on the AH. we gave boe stuff to him, because he said he would use them. i guess 'use them' for money is what he meant. boe, was always sold for guild bank money. this was established and he agreed upon when he joined. then argued he wanted it....

group did free rolls on bop when we pugged, we did loot fairly. but to go 'ill use that' and then sell it when it was an upgrade for someone in our group or repair money kinda upset a lot of people.

beyond that *shrugs* who cares about pixels..... lets get high and down bosses =}
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01/01/2013 06:32 PMPosted by Reliquum
beyond that *shrugs* who cares about pixels..... lets get high and down bosses =}

420 blaze it 69
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01/01/2013 06:32 PMPosted by Reliquum
merheals was removed from chaos

I was never removed, a friend asked me to heal his raid on my shaman. Chaos got mad. Typical guild politics. It was alright for nos and bubble to miss raids but not alright for me to miss a raid.
01/01/2013 06:32 PMPosted by Reliquum
we gave boe stuff to him, because he said he would use

What you are referring to are a pair of bracers and boots that were boe that were given to my lock when I came into a FL when you needed a pug DPS. I did place them on the AH, they did not sell so I did use them.

Those bracers and boots were selling for something like 2K-3K at that time. So... alot of people got mad over the lose of 2K-3K gold? This is important why? Is farming gold hard?

This reminds me of the time I outbid others, bought a level 25 guild, sold it for profit, and alot more people got mad.

As usual (typical of J2E members) your claims are false and misleading. Furthermore, this is really a surprise coming from you considering the fact you said you wanted my resto druid as a standby healer. Not my fault chaos did not want a standby or substitute.

This is the most contrasting negative aspect of Azgalor when compared to other servers. The raiding community is so spiteful it holds age old grudges and its guilds are plagued with attendance problems that cannot be solved through trade chat.

What is the problem with you people? Just let it go and move on. My god you are all pathetic.
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So, if this thread is still intended for its original purpose...I'd love to throw my name out there. I'm away from PC till tomorrow (Sat, 1/4) noonish, and am posting this via iPad, and would rather not use your guild site to fill out an app till I'm there.

Shorthandedly, 482 BM Hunter, I'm free to play the majority of the time, and enjoy both PvP/PvE. I dropped sub right before Cata and started back up about two months ago. I am just about through getting pretty much all I can from welfares and LFR, and would love to dedicate some time to getting back into being current, as I was in WotLK.

I really enjoy guild participation, and as mentioned, enjoy all aspects of the game. I run a lot of old content for fun/gold/helping lower level guildees/transmoging, random (would like to get into rated) bg's, and of course would like to start raiding.

Message me in game, or if ya wanna chat in vent to see if I am really this generic and bland while speaking, it would be much appreciated.

P.S. I hate my name, don't judge me for it if ya the reference is understood. I just can't justify spending the money for something that unrelated to gameplay.
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