Currently we are 4/6 in MSV and looking for people who want permanent spots in this group. The people we currently have all have the potential for doing full clears but our issue that we come into is people either cancelling last minute or people not showing up. This causes me to have to pug DPS who can't pull their weight and stand in fire (sigh). Therefore we are currently looking for spots to fill.

We are looking for DPS and 1 healer (with DPS off spec) or 1 Tank. If you are interested please message me, reply to this post, whisper me in game. If you are interested in a spot please have your gear all gemmed, enchanted, reforged, and have the gear in the first place. I am a pretty nice guy so I don't mind tanking for you if you need the help but just know I don't like incompetency in raids (who doesn't). If you would like a spot please don't hesitate to talk to me as we can talk it out.

Our raids would occur every Sunday from 5-8 or whenever we clear, but that is dependent. If i feel we can clear more content we would move on to the newer raids only if appropriate. Again please don't hesitate as I am a nice person and will help anyway willing to take the time! Thanks for reading my LONG post. See you all on Elune!