Our Heroic Kills - Videos. TELL ME I'M PRETTY

90 Pandaren Mage
I've had some people ask me if we record our kills ... idk I guess they think we're good or something. Here is a list of all of our past kills that we have recorded. You will be rewarded by being my best friend for a day if you /thumbs up them. God bless Lil'Wayne.

P.S. :
Frostby is my bestie
Choogie is pretty sexy
Aliana makes me want to /wrist sometimes
Braman touches children ... stay away from him

Sinestra :

Ragnaros :

Deathwing :

Stone Guard :

Feng The Accursed :

Gara'Jal :

Spirit Kings :

Elegon :

Will of the Emperor:

Blade Lord Ta'yak :

Garalon :

Windlord Mel'Jarak :
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90 Pandaren Mage
you're *

if you want to insult me, please use correct grammar
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90 Human Warrior
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90 Human Rogue
so you stand in 1 spot and click to cast. #skill
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90 Pandaren Priest
so you stand in 1 spot and click to cast. #skill
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90 Human Rogue
so having default binds of 1-9 isnt clicking? Not sure if trolling, or very bad/stupid

you cant see the cursor but its VERY obvious. very...obvious.
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14 Night Elf Monk
Actually it is pretty obvious that he is clicking...naga binds show up in the interface.
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90 Pandaren Mage
The UI I use does not display keybinds over my bars. Some of my primary things are keybound, some are not. Yes I do click some things, but not all of them ... so you're half right in saying that i'm terrible.

nonetheless, I didn't post these so people can critique me on my play style. I posted them because I feel as though that some of these kills are an accomplishment to my guild and I'm proud of our hard work and effort... that, and I got tired of having to copy / paste the links to people every so often that would ask for them.

If you don't like anything about how I play my class, then just refrain from posting it at all since I won't bother to listen to your opinions.
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90 Pandaren Mage
And incase you really do care about what keybinds I use, here it is:

1 - polymorph / focus polymorph
2 - scorch
3 - fireball
4 - pyroblast
mouse scroll down - mage bomb
mouse scroll up - combustion
shift scroll down - inferno blast
shift scroll up - evocation

I'll be the first person to admit that my keybinding abilities are sub-par ... When I first started to bind things , this is the kind of pattern I chose. I tried to do things like normal people and do like... Shift-J ... or Shift R ...or something silly like that... I just couldn't get the hang of it.

but like I said previously , if you want to critique me that's all fine and dandy , but your negative comments will just be ignored.
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90 Goblin Priest
Thanks for reporting my post for trolling. Reminds why I don't play any more and enjoy this game.

he's been in a top 50 or so world guild for a bit

my keybinding abilities are sub-par

Some of my primary things are keybound,

Some good quotes in this thread.

So every 1-2% wipe you have from here on out, I hope they blame your clicks.
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