(H) <Warbad> (4/6) MSV is looking to merge with another experienced guild. We were a small 10 man raiding guild who have had a few set backs with our members due to real life issues. Recruiting on this server is very slow going, so we have decided to try and join another established guild. We still want to keep our raiding group togeather, but with the advantages of a larger guild roster, to fill empty slots. We currently raid tues/thurs/sunday at 9 est and do not want to deviate from those times. If you have an established raiding guild that wouldn't mind having about 12 more active and geared members, send me or onnias a pst/mail in game, or reply to this form.

We do have some active pvpers with mel weapons in the guild that would like to do rateds as well.

my o is alt 148
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