PvP is miserable as Enhance/Elemental

Just absolutely awful.

I've tried every which way to be a viable player in PvP. But with a lack of defensive abilities and being squishy I'm nothing more then fodder.

For 15 seconds provided I'm not cc'd I'm a God, after which I'm tunneled and swiftly planted into the ground.

Enhancement is a in the best position it's been in a long while in pvp, yet it's still not enough, we still are easily managed and globaled.

It's pitiful really, we are literally a free hk for any player with reasonable skill.

Just about any evenly skilled/gear player sees my spec as a free hk. It's miserable loosing to more viable specs simply because they are deemed to be more arena orientated. It's no longer vanilla, I shouldn't be forced to be a damn Restoration Shaman to be viable.

Sorry I'm ranting, but it's awful loosing to Hunter is greens and blue simply because they can double deter. It's awful loosing to a Warrior with a item level 15 below yours because I have to use my cool-downs in order to survive it's burst only to watch it sit in second wind and laugh at our pitiful damage in pvp outside of Ascendance.

I don't want to be overpowered, I just want a fighting chance against other more viable classes.
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90 Draenei Shaman
In before "you do mid-pack raid DPS, you're fine."
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In before "you do mid-pack raid DPS, you're fine."

That's the general argument lol. PvP overall is a awful right now in general, it sucks even worse on a lack luster class like ours.
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100 Troll Shaman
Mid-pack DPS doesnt mean !@#$ in PvP lol.
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100 Tauren Death Knight
some specs/classes are just meant to be bg heroes
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90 Undead Warlock
PPL can't understand everyone is not going to be #1 and Shaman Really is a true BG hero for Sure... I love Conductivity... favorite talent of all Time. However I don't like the Enemy needs to be in Rain Requirement lol.
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90 Human Monk
mid pack dps as ele??? must be some bad shamans u raid with..... on a pvp note they are pretty bad =(

blizz only wants resto shamans to be worth a flip in pvp i guess .....
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