Zozobra is one of Doomhammer's oldest Horde guilds, and we're looking for some folks who enjoy a casually progressive raiding environment, occasional fun events, and friendly atmosphere.

Currently, we are very short on healers, and are looking for 2-3 to round out our third 10 man raiding team, who are looking to raid Tuesday evenings, around 7PM server.

Aside from healers though, we are also short on Warriors, Warlocks, Monks and Rogues, and would gladly welcome in any who would like to join. That's not to say other classes aren't welcome, but be warned, that there are a fair number of them already.

Apart from raiding, some things you can look forward to in Zozobra:

- Regular fun events: 1-2 times a month, we hold these to get away from the mindless grind and stress of raiding and progression. Sometimes it'll be a naked zombie race. Sometimes cow darts, drunken fishing nights, and many more spectacularly fun times to be had.
- Frequent older content runs for achievements and transmog gear. We try to do 1 a week or so, sometimes several back to back, time allowing.
- Opportunity. If you are interested in PvP, raiding, or any other aspect of guild play, we strive to get you involved as soon as possible. Scheduling and roster balance doesn't always allow for immediate gratification (hence the recruitment post), however, in the meantime we regularly work to get you ready for what you're wanting to do.

Many of us in Zozobra are real-life friends and family, and we definitely encourage and appreciate bringing more friends and family to the guild.

We only have a few select rules that we ask members to abide by:

- Respect your guildmates. We're not against vulgarity, by any means. But treat your guildmates with respect. If you have an issue with someone, instead of causing a scene, either talk things out like civilized people, or bring any issues to an officer to step in.

- Begging is not okay. While the guild makes an effort to help out in every way we can, constantly begging and pleading for gold, dungeon runs, or other needs is frowned upon. We're willing to put effort in for you, as long as you're equally willing to put effort in for yourself and the guild.

- Stick to your commitments. If you say you're going to show up to a scheduled event, either show up, or let someone know in advance that you're not able to, and why. Common courtesy goes a long way, even in an online game.

And that pretty much covers it. If you have any interest, or would like to ask anything else, please drop me a line, here or in-game. =)