You have in game music turned OFF!?!?

90 Pandaren Monk
OK, I know I'm probably going to get trolled for this, but I have to vent.

I was in a party earlier with two very nice people, waiting for the rares to spawn in the alliance base in the new quest hubs. I randomly said, "who here thinks the music in the horde area is bad azz?". To which the DK replied, "I don't have music turned on". She explained she listens to Pandora or other music. This is fine! It's that person's choice to do that and there is nothing wrong with it, but come ON people! You are missing out on a HUGE part of the experience!!

I guess I'm just more of an RPG buff then most people, but for those people that have played Final Fantasy 7 for the playstation way back then, you'll know what I'm talking about. It's like that moment where you finally reached Sephiroth and you want to kick his !@#, then all of a sudden this super awesome music kicks in and now you are way more psyched to kick his $%^ now! That's the kind of experience I'm talking about.

You can't fully enjoy this game unless you have the music turned ON!

There are those exceptions, I know, when you are flying around for 4 hours mining in the same area and you want to hear something different. I understand, I've been there, done that.

Blizzard, the music in this game is so epic and awesome, please continue to do such a great job with it. You make the whole rest of the experience worth while.
100 Human Warlock
I turn the music off upon setting foot in the Vale.
It remains off... because I forget to turn it back on.

C'est la vie.
90 Night Elf Druid
i sometimes play with the game music on and i sometimes don't. depends on what my mood is at the time.
73 Blood Elf Paladin
After all these years, I still play with the game music on. The few times I played with it off it just didn't feel right.
100 Human Paladin
I turn it off and off every so often, its wonderful music, but sometimes I'm in the mood for something else.
I always have the music on, it really does add to the experience and a lot of it is really beautiful!
90 Draenei Mage
I listen to music outside of the game, especially when pvping so I keep the sound off usually. I wish there was an option to turn the sound effects down but keep the voices on. I do like to hear the RP so I'll turn on the sound for that.
90 Dwarf Paladin
When I go to an area for the first time I turn the music on, but in general I listen to music or podcasts when I play. However I do agree that a good number of the music pieces are fantastic.
Epic Music Player add on is the best in the game :) I can listen to each zones music whenever I want
85 Pandaren Priest
I don't think I've had the music enabled since before Blackwing Lair was released. This game has music?!
90 Human Paladin
I have a fortnight of music. Not to mention the couple of podcasts I subscribe to. No need for WoW's music, regardless of how good it is.
28 Blood Elf Warrior
MOP -> Turn off Music. I don't like it to be honest.
Anywhere near Northrend -> Music @ Max

Even cata soundtracks were awesome. Like breath of alakir and the some of the goblin tunes.
26 Undead Rogue
11/30/2012 09:23 AMPosted by Reibo
I guess I'm just more of an RPG buff then most people, but for those people that have played Final Fantasy 7 for the playstation way back then, you'll know what I'm talking about.

This. If you haven't played it, it needs to happen. Then you'll learn to appreciate music.
100 Draenei Paladin

WoW music is lovely, I never turn game music off.
90 Human Priest
turned it off after dailies in the vail. prob wont turn it back on again till 6.0, and them im sure ill turn it off again with in a few weeks

theres is MUCH MUCH better music out there then the wow soundtrack. im not saying its bad, but it isnt all that great....
90 Orc Warrior
Except not.
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