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12/9/2012 4:22 AM

I'm going to play right up until my time runs out. I've had a lot of fun playing this game. Been a subscriber since vanilla through many ups and downs. My reasons for quitting are numerous and won't be of any concern to you but I'll list a few anyway just b/c I feel like sharing.

I gave up GM of my guild at the end of cata b/c rebuilding a raid at the beginning of a xpac has been an every single xpac event and I didn't want to shoulder the burden of it again. It's just one of those things I've seen each 1st tier of an xpac and sure enough it happened again. No fault of Blizzards just a cycle I had no intention of repeating.

I really enjoyed 25man raiding. I miss it. This little server has one 25man raiding guild and it's the other faction. Last xpac we had one 25man raiding guild that was alliance but they did terrible even by the standard of this low population server. The 10man and 25man loot being the same killed 25man raiding for most people that would like to do it.
The thinking as it was explained to me was that you don't have to carry anybody in a 10man but in a 25man you must have a bench in order to keep a schedule and most people willing to sit aren't the type of raiders you want b/c you will end up carrying them. I don't agree with the thinking but enough people felt this way that I wasn't able to keep my own guild a 25man guild past the halfway point of the 1st tier of cata.

The player base on this server is small. Good players are in a guild already and probably in some type of leadership role so the recruitment for filling holes is pretty slim pickings. You get used to it after a while and know the majority of any new players you get will have to be taught how to raid. The good players you already have get fed up with having to help train new players and leave the server, creating a cycle with no end in sight.
At one point the server was looked at for a merger with another server, i heard. People fear change and hope it doesn't happen but it would honestly be best for this server if not all low pop servers.
I've looked at changing servers but like most the thing that has kept me coming back to the game is the people I've played it with. As I look around that number gets smaller and smaller. Free character transfers are available to some players b/c they are on a high population server. When I looked to see if I could transfer, it says I do not have any characters that qualifies for a free character transfer. I'm not paying for it. A majority of the players I've known that have transferred off the server either came back and/or quit soon after making that decision. If i'm most likely to quit anyway, I might as well leave my character in the guild I helped establish and ran as the GM for several years.

My last couple of interactions with game masters have been bad experiences. The very 1st time I opened a ticket and talked to a GM was in Karazhan. The GM was helpful made a couple of lighthearted RP comments, fulfilled my reasonable request beyond my expectations and told me no he wouldn't summon Patchwerk. It's maybe a hard act to follow but the last couple of tickets have all been automated responses sent to all people with the same issue. I have no reason to believe my ticket wasn't sorted by an automated system never being read by an actual human being.
Spirit items are being fed to mages and warlock through the LFR loot system. The stat has zero value for warlocks and mages. My ticket was closed with no way of reopening it. I made a post about it on the bug forums along with a warlock having the same issue. The only thing that came from it was flames from players not having the issue but saying they would take the spirit item anyway b/c it was an upgrade to them. No blue/green response only flames from players. Ticket closed w/o any comment on how to go about trying to fix the "bug".

The Bug that happened a few weeks ago with LFR loot where the item you won couldn't be looted b/c the game was registering the event as one you had killed already for the week, yeah I got that one also. I was really confident they would reply quickly and it would all work out np. What actually happened was we were are told better luck next week there isn't anything we can do about it b/c of the way the system works for LFR.

The last couple of run ins I've had with Blizzard personnel have not been remotely close to what I've experiences from the company in the past. The tone of Blue posts have changed as well. It's all good and fine for Blue's to take up for themselves and the player base can be down right nasty but professionalism needs to be exercised at some level. It's not the same Blizzard that started this game so many years ago now.

Also but not least many issues with the mage class. Call it what you will but unless you play a mage your more likely to consider it whining than actual issues with the playstyle of the class.
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sure wish i had the balls to quit this game

also, i guess this means no challenge modes?
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we can still do them if you wanna knock em out in the next week. i really did wanna get that transmog set. Like everybody else I expect I might return. But it won't be for about 6months if at all.
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You could just move servers and keep contacts with friends with RealID. Worked wonders for me and I couldn't be happier with it. Not that I have any issues with Kul Tiras. I like the people I raided with, the guilds I was part of, and in general enjoyed nearly everyone here. For me, I just wanted a little more other of raiding.
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12/03/2012 08:57 PMPosted by Faerun
You could just move servers and keep contacts with friends with RealID. Worked wonders for me and I couldn't be happier with it. Not that I have any issues with Kul Tiras. I like the people I raided with, the guilds I was part of, and in general enjoyed nearly everyone here. For me, I just wanted a little more other of raiding.

Yeah, i want more than raiding as well. i decided to not raid this xpac b/c having to be at your comp a set number of hrs for a set number of days is just dumb. I did it for YEARS, longer than most but it gets old as !@#$ after a while.

ATM i have a 2s team with a dude that has never spoke a word on vent in the 8 years ive known him. So, it's not like I'm GOING BIG. Looked for an RBG team for a while. my 2s partner said he found a pug rbg group but it doesn't look like they are doing worth a damn.

I considered server transferring but honestly why the hell should I pay an additional dollar amount to Blizz to transfer their character to a server that doesn't suck. I don't have a problem with the people on this server either but yeah the community is small, the progression is 213/246, the pvp is almost nonexistant. and I got to pay to get off of it? nah, maybe when they fix a few other things I'll consider paying to go somewhere else.

The best option I've heard was join a raid where they drink all night. sounds like fun but I haven't drank much in years and not sure I really want to pick that habit back up.

I made a post in the general forums asking about server mergers.
it took three posts and calling GC's mom names to get a reply but the community says "not gonna happen". You guys should each and every one go and put your 2cp in on that thread considering it's your server. The grass isn't always greener on the other side but the grass on this server is pretty dead 213/246 isn't anything to be proud of.

i've enjoyed my time on KT mostly but it would make me happy to see it become better.
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< QQ
> come back
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90 Draenei Shaman
I completely understand where your coming from.

Recruiting on Kul Tiras has always been pulling teeth. 10 mans dropping the same loot made it even worse. It wasn't as bad in the Burning Crusade because you needed to be in an established 25 man guild to raid. Anyone can form yet another mom-and-pop 10 man raiding guild, so established guilds aren't required anymore.

Then recruiting took a total dive when half the good raiders on Kul Tiras transferred. Its not like people would actually pay money to come here either. I think over the many years I lead Malicious (and then After Six during WotlK) that was the biggest suck of everything that is WoW - finding reliable people who show up, don't stand in fire and don't suck at the game. Every content lull you have to add or replace people. Every long wait for the next raid release or between xpacs raiders disappear. Then people reappear for a month and quit again. Its a never ending task that eats your soul.

... red crane bless raiders like Faerun.

Just for the know, they did fix the spirit dagger / other items dropping for mages and warlocks in the LFR. But surely that's just another annoyance and not of serious significance.

WoW has made a lot of changes over the years I don't agree with. The death of 25 man guilds, acquiring tier gear by following a crowd of cattle in the LFR, faceroll heroic dungeons. Right now, I'm hating on panda land, crappy oriental lore theme, infinite dailies, dungeons full of monkeys and loony toon hammers. This is Blizzards new business model, and its not going away any time soon. Granted, its better than questing in Cata was, or that cop out raid instance called Dragon Soul.

It is what it is man.

Nonetheless. Take care, Slatra.

White tiger watch over you. Jayyyyyyde serpent.
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90 Pandaren Monk
ATM i have a 2s team with a dude that has never spoke a word on vent in the 8 years ive known him.

lol I've known Sum for about that same amount of time and heard him speak once.

He said "yes."

Never again have I heard him speak. Back on topic though, when I left KT many moons ago (Darthgurik) raided and burned myself out. Jumped back into the game at the end of Cata and the time off was worth it. Made the game fun again. While I would LOVE to raid 25s more competitively, I know its not happening on this server nor anywhere else since the emergence of 10 man raids. So take the time away from raiding. No demanding raid schedules. No required raid days. Just chilllllllll.

Slatra good luck broham. Time away from the game/raid is worth it, trust me.
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90 Worgen Hunter
Hey dude, it's Volbing from back in BC wotlk aka thejudge era. Sad to see ya leave when I just picked the game back up. Good luck to ya!
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