Smolderthorn Secret Santa!

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I thought this might be a fun way to liven up Smoldy during the holiday season. (Plus, I love server-wide activities!) If you're unfamiliar with the concept of Secret Santa, Wikipedia offers a detailed explanation.

How to Participate

If you'd like to participate, reply with a filled-out wishlist form (below) by December 8. Everyone will get an in-game mail that night with the name of their Secret Santa. You can then use this thread to reference their wishlist and generate gift ideas.

Character: Your character that will be participating
Faction: Alliance or Horde
Inexpensive Wishlist: Less than 500 gold
Moderate Wishlist: 500 gold - 2500 gold
Expensive Wishlist: Over 2500 gold
Other Wishlist: *Optional*

I wanted to make this event accessible to all players (new and old, rich and poor), so please post gift ideas for each wishlist tier (inexpensive, moderate, and expensive). Some gift ideas might include companion pets, crafted goods, enchants, gems, mounts, and so on.

In addition, you can list priceless stuff in the optional section; maybe you'd like a new desktop background, a custom drawing, a layout for your guild website, a donation to your mumble fund, or xx amount of runs through Ragefire Chasm. The possibilities are endless! Just remember that it's against Blizzard's Code of Conduct to share personal information--like your address or phone number--so don't ask for anything that requires such!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many characters can I participate with?
A: One character per account (and one account per participant)!

Q: Is there a limit to how many gifts I can send / gold I can spend?
A: There is no limit, so long as your gift is satisfactory. You're also encouraged to find out more about your receivers's wants and needs in-game--just don't give yourself away!

Q: What happens if I can't send a gift or I change my mind?
A: Let me know as soon as possible. Otherwise, you're going on the naughty list for next year. (And I may or may not fill your mailbox with coal.)

Q: When does the event end?
A: December 28, which is the last day to send and receive gifts (unless specified).

Q: What happens if I don't receive my gift?
A: If you let me know by the end date, a new Secret Santa will be assigned, or I will personally reimburse you.
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I think I speak for all of Smolderthorn when I say no thank you!
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11/24/2012 01:18 AMPosted by Fseks
I think I speak for all of Smolderthorn when I say no thank you!


count me in
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11/24/2012 01:18 AMPosted by Fseks
I think I speak for all of Smolderthorn when I say no thank you!

While I value your opinion, you are not being forced to participate. No worries, though. I'll go through with the event as long as there's real interest in it!
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awww, I'm jealous.

woah, was actually regretting leaving ol' Smoldy for a bit there.
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100 Pandaren Warrior
I think I speak for all of smolderthorn when i say that fseks is a chump idiot retard and that you would be crazy to miss out on a good old SS.

I'm in as long as Fseks isn't
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