1. There is a less than 1% percent chance to even do enough damage to kill someone in 5 seconds. Compared to a mage who can have 100% chance to kill someone 100-0 in a deep freeze (target is CC'd) with all instant casts as well. Demo locks can do the same if they get chaos wave crits.

2. You're supposed to be the humble, underpowered, class

3. I'd imagine it's even harder to have everything going for you and then be completely obliterated by a line of talents, though I'm speaking on a PvE level.

If 3 quotes have ever summed up the issue better than this.

1. In the most insane, mathematically impossible way imaginable, you could do crazy damage - so stop whining.

Is this why people won't give us a break?

2. You're supposed to be crap

Well the cat is out of the bag, there are no cautious words or dog-whistles anymore - now its just "you place is to suck."

3. You shouldn't get anything ever again until I have multiple amazing talents on every tier while you, you can suck in PVP with fundamental problems spanning expansions, and have a resource system that blocks talents in other tiers on you...you can have all that. And it will only be looked at when mages - MAGES! - have better talents.

You have got to be kidding me.