How can you justify resto's OPness with regards to totem nerfs? Blizzard please, you poop on resto you poop on us all.

Just make spirit link totem not useable while silenced. thats the only real reason you're implementing this nerf. stop screwing the rest of the shaman spec's over

and while you're at it, mind giving elemental's a defensive cooldown? HEY MAYBE GIVING BOTH ELE AND ENHANCE SHAMANISTIC RAGE? That seems pretty legit.

Ohh and while you're at it, remove glyph of ghost wolf and glyph of capacitor totem, and make them both baseline. ghost wolf is a natural slow inhibitor move, why the hell do we need to glyph for it, not to mention a 5 second charge up time on a totem that can be literally 1 shoted with its pathetic 5 HP.