PvP hpals, what are you gemming/reforging for

90 Human Paladin
I'm currently gemming spirit and I'm wondering if it's what I should be gemming (and when I begin to reforge, reforging).I'm thinking for RBGs, spirit would be incredibly helpful. But then I think: why? If in a large battle, I need to be pumping out large heals. Which I am, but I'm going to be with 2 other healers. If I die, they can take over for a few, and I'll respawn with full mana. If I don't die, I have divine plea to help me a bit, and if neccessary I can step out of battle and drink. Once the battle finishes, I can drink. So is spirit what I should gem/reforge to for RBGs? I only see it being useful in long, long fights. As for 3's, crit, mastery, or spirit? Again, I'm thinking spirit. With my current gear I can pump out 100K-120K crits with DL, 70K crits with HS, 80K with HP, 100-120K with EF, and this is without AW, so I'm assuming I should be fine with nuke heals and just go spirit. But then again, mastery builds that bubble. But in those long, dreadful battles, once again: spirit.What are you guys reforging and gemming into and why? I understand spirit is extremely depended on this xpac as mana is an issue, but at what point is mastery>spirit or crit>spirit.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Right now I am gemming intellect and resilience, or intellect and spirit depending on the color of the slot and the slot bonus. As for reforging, I am reforging into either crit or spirit, or haste depending on the stats of the item. i.e. crit> spirit >haste>mastery.

I am by no means an expert on the matter and am still trying to see what will work best for me, hence my cheap placeholder gems. (I also just dinged 90 over the weekend and am gearing up; I welcome feedback myself on the matter.)

I haven't noticed any mana problems in bg's though. I haven't done arena or rated bg's yet, but in bg's I can go a long time with my current set up. Only time I get into trouble is when the damage gets really nasty and I am forced to flash of light spam. I don't think any amount of spirit can really help under those circumstances though.
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