What UIs are you guys using?

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Sort of newish to healing and I've been struggling to find a good set of UI options to help supplement things. I realize the UI forum might be better for this, but I figured I'd ask here since this is specifically about healing.

Right now I'm using Grid, which I really like, but I'm having trouble finding a good set of nameplates to go with it.

I've tried two so far, but both have had some issues.

First I tried XPerl, which I found pretty nice overall, but I didn't like the way there was no way to outright disable party frames ( at the time I was experimenting with Grid as a replacement for party frames in addition to raid frames... and in general I had trouble finding a middle ground with xperl's party frames between too bulky or too small to convey the information I wanted ).

Next I tried pitbull. I really liked the minimalist look here and everything seemed lightweight and neat, but I've run into a few problems here. It seems difficult to individually customize bar stats ( I can change their sizes, but a lot of the minutiae of effects seem to be global )... I also don't like the fact that a lot of the secondary resource bars (monk Chi, paladin holy power, etc.) aren't really adjustable, they're stapled to the top of the frame and all I can seem to do is disable it and find a third party mod or leave it there.

The buff filtering seemed pretty off too. I don't need to know what tabard I have on, or whether or not I have arcane brilliance... but trying to filter those out tended to filter out about half the buffs I actually wanted to manage, since the filter is just a drop down menu with no options.

I'm just wondering what other people here have been using.

edit: Oh. I do have two minor issues with Grid I figured I should mention too.
-Unless you manually change the setting, the background will automatically adjust depending on the expected raid size rather than the actual... this is really annoying in places like WSG or while doing old instances with friends (so you're say, 5 or 10 manning a 25 man instance). And I'm not a fan of the way 'minimum' spacing still leaves a rather large gap in between individual frames.

Neither serious issues admittedly.
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Been happy with VuhDo since mid-Wrath.

Easy "at a glance" of raid health.
Can have separate/additional boxes for tanks, your "personal tanks", etc.
Cluster-scan helps me drop my WG where it will hit more toons.
Easy to set up one-click healing, debuffing, etc.
Little arrows for out of range people.

I haven't done anything with unit frames in a while.
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RE: Pitbull:
I use pitbull on my alts, and I may switch this healer to it too eventually. If you want to make changes to different unitframes individually, you create a different layout for them. To do this, in the layout menu at the top there'll be a drop down showing the current layout and a blank text box to enter a name for a new one. The new one will copy the settings of the current layout. Then you assign the layout to the particular frame in the Units menu.

I use a dedicated addon for auras/filtering, not the unitframes, so I can't help you with Pitbull's filtering.

I'm currently using stuf for this character, which lets you set each thing about each frame individually. Unfortunately it has very few global options and no profile management. It does, however, use the chi/combo pt/HP/shards/etc display and art from the default unitframes. If that matters to you, check stuf out.
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90 Pandaren Shaman
UI - I use ElvUI, Love it.. Has lots of features that I just love.. lots of little things...
Frames - I use VuHdo for my Raid frames.. Super great to customize.. Easy to display whatever information I want to.. Also that lovely little arrow that shows me which direction to run in when trying to reach that DPS who went out of my LoS... ;)
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Vuhdo for my healing.
Elvui for my UI
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90 Blood Elf Priest
I also use VuhDo for my healing, and ElvUI for my UI.

Here's a screenie:

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90 Blood Elf Paladin
ElvUI - tweaked to my liking
VuhDo for raid frames
Big Wigs for boss mod
Weak Auras

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90 Night Elf Druid
For raid frames I use Shadowed Unit Frames, they are completely customizable and I can't recommend them enough.

For the rest of my UI I basically cobbled together my own using some standard UI elements and some addons.

It is a little old but this is a post detailing my UI - http://resto.blog.com/2011/01/31/u-i-how-i-heal/
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90 Blood Elf Priest
I have default raid frames with "move anything". Simple and it works. Ill admit i would need an actionbar addon if i went to 25mans, but other than that default frames does everything i need.
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