So back in the days (when wowwiki and wowpedia were one site) I updated the page for our Realm, and did my best to keep it updated.

over time and interested I stopped updating it hoping someone would keep it up to date (least month by month). That was back in 2009. Some updated in 2010, but that was the last it was updated.

Eventually Wowpedia made the split from Wowwiki and I went with Wowpedia and use their site, (even though google still direct me to wowwiki). Yesterday I updated my own User profile on Wowpedia ( just for fun, but then I saw my Guild Page was out of date, so I updated that too.

Today I actually went back to my page, and then my guild page, and realized the Realm page for Terenas is out of date, REALLY out of date. So, over the next month I would like to update it (slowly) and kinda get things back in order. I would like to focus on the main page, ( which wont take me long honestly, its just for show and brief description of the realm itself. what I left it like was pretty good, but I like to keep things fresh (who doesn't).

The main thing I noticed was the Guild Directory ( was in dire need of updating. so over the next few weeks, If you guys would be so kind, post a reply here and list your guild website so I can add/update it accordingly. I know Vinkinglord has been keeping the "Terenas Progression List & Guild Site" up to date the best he can, and I will use that, but in case other would like to see their website on the Wowpedia site and it isn't listed there, post a reply. Heck even my guild website isn't listed I could swear I told Vinkinglord years ago about Judicators reform under Heroes of Terenas, but hey we all do our best keeping things up to date. (not to be stabbing at you Vink ;)