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Hi all, I am looking to transfer over to a new server since I'm having a hard time landing in consistnt raiding on my current one. How is Shadow Council on Horde side? does it have a somewhat okay group of players? Do you think I'd be able to find a home to do some raiding with?

I would prefer a 10man raid for preference/computer performance related reasons, but I'd be willing to try out for a 25man guild if people were able to bear with me as I adjust to that kind of raid environment, if the guild is nice/supportive.

I would prefer a Horde guild with a good raid environment that isn't too nasty/ trask talky, though I can deal with language and stuff, as long as people aren't screaming like Troxed or the 50 DKP minus guy. (had my fill of that in Vanilla/BC) and hopefully if I server transfer and If I end up not being up to the guild's standards, it's still a good server that I won't feel like crap for moving.

I'd also love a chance to talk with someone before I decide on moving (Hey, it's 25 bucks, and 50 bucks if I end up going back to Thorium.) *I should note that I'd prefer a casual schedule, but I can try to be hardcore if you need me to be super-good if you have patience. I haven't played in a real hardcore raid since.... BC. I just don't know if the "4-5 nights a week" stuff is something I can really do anymore.

please contact me by a reply with how to reach ya, or e-mail me at granis25@gmail.com if you need a mage.
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If you are looking for a progression based guild I would go look up at wowprogress.com and see the guilds progress for ShC. There are no Horde 25 mans (to my knowledge) The last 25 man Horde guild was Exodus and they have since been 10 man since coming back torwards the end of Dragon Soul/Cata xpac. ShC has a low population so 'decent' players are very rare. Most decent raiders are already in guilds and on that note if you can't find a decent raiding guild PuGs are not the best since the talent is already apart of a guild. I would recommend looking through wowprogress.com for other servers looking for raiders. Shadow Council is really only where people transfer if they have friends on it not to come and raid.
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