Hordey Sons of Liches is an active Horde Guild on the US Server The Venture Co. We are one big family that takes pride in helping others in Blizzard's virtual home - World Of Warcraft. Our aim is to develop a strong social standing in the towns and cities of Azeroth. We will always assist fellow guild members who are in need of aid, and our stronger members are eager to help and train newer members so that they can have a better experience and enjoy their stay. This site should give you an idea of our guild stats, our rules, and other important information. As time goes by more and more features will be added.

Wanna join us? Login on The Venture Co - US and contact me-Guild Mistress Khaleesea or feel free to put in an application on our website:(http://hordeysonsofliches.guildportal.com).

Meanwhile thank you for your consideration!

Fallon Star (Khaleesea) - HSoL Webmaster/Guild Mistress