Hello everyone. As the title suggest ReseT is looking to recruit a few for our 10 man raid group. Currently we are 4/6 MSV and hoping to clear it soon but unfortunately we've been having major attendance issues, so now we are looking to solve this problem.

We are a level 25, somewhat casual guild with a very friendly atmosphere. Even if you're not interested in raiding you should definitely look into joining with us as we're always looking for good, friendly players to PvP (RBGs included), quest, or do dungeons, or do transmog runs with. ReseT has also been around since early Cataclysm and has cleared all previous content including some heroic modes, so some of our members have a decent amount of raiding experience.

Currently we are looking for the following, but will always consider good players who want to raid:
  • One healer with a DPS offspec (Ret/Holy paladin would be perfect)
  • One or Two DPS (WW Monk / Feral Druid / Boomkin / Warlock preferred)

  • Our raid times are two days a week, Tuesday and Sunday from 9 P.M. - Midnight server time. We ask that if you would really like to raid with us, you absolutely must show up for these days and times. Once again, we are looking to make a solid group of 10 reliable players and we will definitely be able to clear raids quickly and effectively, as we already have 7-8 solid, reliable members.

    If interested in raiding, or simply joining the guild please PST Phenomenaut, Shadowplay, or just about anyone that is online and they will let me know. Thank you.