<Reckoning> Heroic Shek'zeer Video

90 Worgen Warlock
Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QyMAfLWTs90

First off, our guild doesn't normally come to the forums to post our kill videos but I think this kill is actually worth linking here considering the circumstances that we went through to obtain a kill last night and entertainment value it has. Last night, we raided an obnoxious amount of hours; I will be the first to admit it was not one of our brighter moments but it wasn't necessarily our faults either.

We went into this raid with a very specific raid composition but that began falling apart early in the night. We had one of our shaman dps have issues with his ms spiking to 1k; this was not raidable. Our mage dps then lost power following this. About thirty minutes later, we lost one of our monk healers because of internet connection issues. At this point we had a choice. We seven heal it and bring in another dps with relevant cds or we stop. We decided to sit down and change our entire strategy that we had been doing this fight with for roughly 105 pulls. Within a few pulls we got the fight back to 2% and finally, after some horrid wipes, we got back to the final phase and did it right this time. Yes, we were loopy by this time.

We still have a few raid slots to fill as well if anyone is interested and has the experience and ability to raid with us. Apply at, reckoningwow.com

TLDR: Just posting a video of our kill we got on the last pull of a long night. Enjoy, and we're still recruiting :)
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90 Worgen Mage
I was the mage who lost power :(
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90 Blood Elf Warlock
I think I'd take my friend's offer in Exodus first
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90 Worgen Hunter
Will there be free cookies every raid night?
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90 Worgen Warlock
No, but Fury will sing to you in a private channel to pump you up prior to each raid.
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90 Human Rogue
tanks topping damage...you call yourselves good tisk tisk : )
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90 Orc Death Knight
I approve this message.
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90 Undead Rogue
You guys sound like nerds.
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