No... unfortunately we are not the originators of the Brawlers Guild... although... it would have been quite exciting if we were.

Yes... my lack of an exciting opening statement should have grabbed your attention... if it did not however... I could provide one of those boring, normal, unoriginal statements.

Come join the Blackwing Brawlers... we need more players to fill our 10 man ranks... yada yada...

In all seriousness though, Blackwing Brawlers, a newer guild on Deathwing, Horde side, is looking for more members to fill our member base so we can start our 10 man raids, run old content, and provide weekly guild events to both our members and the public.

Blackwing Brawlers was started by a group of real life friends looking to start a serious, end game raiding guild. The Guild Master and his first officer have multiple years of game experience, and so do most of the current members.

Our current needs are two Healers (preferably a priest and shaman/monk), one Melee DPS (preferably a rogue), and one Tank (preferably a DK/Monk).

Our raid times will be Tuesday/Thursday 7:30pm to 10:30pm and Saturday/Sunday 8:30pm to 11:30pm, both Eastern Standard Time. We will also be running old content, establishing RBG teams, and running weekly guild events.

Please message any player for details.