Here Kitty Kitty ((a poll of druid/cats))

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((For Grim's story, he's been observing - from a "safe" distance - elves, and druids esp, and cat druids in particular. The blog "Too Many Annas" asked what weather one's character really likes & dislikes, which got me wondering what kind of behavior Grim would have noticed if he saw your elf/druid/cat in good/bad weather. So please let me know what kind of behaviors your cat exhibits related to the weather - esp weather your druid cat hates. Enjoy thinking on this, and thank you for sharing. And much praise & thanks to Too Many Annas, whose blog keeps me filling out the crannies of my toons lives/backstory))
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((Charitye is very feral. She was pretty normal until something happened last year and she switched to cat form and has either forgotten how to return to elf or just doesn't want to. She's also a horrible drama queen. She licked a sword and cut her tongue a little bit, then passed out when two drops of blood hit the floor.

So, her reaction to weather is pretty much what a cat's would be except she loves water. She often lays in the fountain in the summer time. She doesn't like cold weather and especially not snow. (She thinks the sky is falling.) She doesn't mind rain as long as it's not thundering and lightning. Loud noises and bright lights scare her.))
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((Mirta doesn't spend much time in cat form, unless it's convenient to what she's doing. She'll use cat form to sneak around or watch people from high vantage points... and for watching certain gnomes get their comeuppance.

In good weather- average to chilly temperature, no rain- she might be found snoozing outside in bear form, because too many people bother her when she's a cat. She's like most people in that she doesn't like to spend time in the rain, but enjoys watching from a protected alcove or overhang. You might catch her cat form splashing in puddles afterward.

Hail would warrant a retreat to some sort of shelter, but light snowfall doesn't bother her much when she's a bear.

The days she really hates are hot, humid days. She'll avoid any fur-form, and will be sulky and stick to the shade. She likes to spend days like that swimming in the water. ))
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((Since the elven part of Broodin is dead, he exists only as a manifestation of the spiritual bonds he held in life. It is through these bonds he remains alive through his feral forms and the strength of his devotion to the spirit of nature. In this he almost always appears as a cat. Broodin finds cat form to be most comfortable and practical.

Most days he can be found lying in a sunbeam on a patch of grass. Summer is wonderful except the bugs, as he often falls victim to fleas

Broodin hates rain and water in general, going out in it only if absolutely necessary, ie building is on fire. Swimming is completly out of the question and he will fight in violent terror if someone tries to push him into water.

Storms dont bother Broodin at all, so long as he has a warm dry place to curl up and sleep till the bad weather has gone.

Snow is one of Broodins favorite things, he loves playing in the snowbanks and prowling around even though he doesnt blend in well. Followed by a hot meal and sleeping by a fireplace is about the best day ever.))
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((Sounds like an investment in flea collars would be a good idea, given the number of full-time cat druids I've seen. Sorry if I derail the thread, but have any of the full time animal-form druids ever considered seeking out assistance to be "restored" to your original humanoid mindset? (I'm not saying anything is wrong with your RP, just curious) ))
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((thought about it, but decided its a lot easier to cause mayhem using cats and gnomes))
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